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Mountain Life Malamutes Alaskan Malamutes of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado is a small breeder located near Denver and Colorado Springs Colorado who have healthy, happy, indoor and outdoor raised purebred Alaskan Malamute puppies for sale on occasion.
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Introducing our newest addition to the Mountain Life Malamute Pack, Kuruk! Kuruk is a gorgeous agouti boy from an absolutely amazing breeder and dear friend from the east coast. Kuruk...

What is Line Breeding?

Recently we have had an unfortunate run-in with a couple who have been attempting to breed without breeding rights, breaching the legal contract they have with our partner over at...

Kialeah Mountain Life Malamutes Litter 2018

Kialeah’s Litter 2018

Kialeah delivered an absolutely GORGEOUS litter of 10 puppies September 30th 2018! This page will be updated on a regular basis, only current deposit holders should use the 2nd payment...

Teyah’s Litter 2018

Teyah had a gorgeous litter of strong, beautiful, healthy pups September 16th 2018! Please, Only Deposit Holders use the PayPal payment link for 2nd payment provided in this post. Thanks!...

Nakara and Kialeah

A Word on Breeding Malamutes…

Although breeding Malamutes may sound like a fun or lucrative idea, we strongly caution anyone who is not experienced to just go looking for breeding rights. Alaskan Malamutes are some...

Mountain Life Malamutes introducing Nakara

Introducing Nakara!

Mountain Life Malamutes is introducing Nakara to the Pack! We are so very pleased to announce that we will be bringing home our new addition, a gorgeous black and white little girl with very special roots. She comes to us from our dear friend, and partner, Kelly Schmid of Snow Pack Alaskan Malamutes! Her mom is Akyla, who came straight from North Pole’s Arctic Expedition – Joe Henderson! This gives Nakara a very special heritage, and we are thrilled to have a little piece of Joe’s amazing line! Her dad is none other than Uzi of the Snow Pack! Uzi is a well-known gentle giant whose got a heart to match his incredible size.

We fell in love with her beautiful little face, and her tender personality. She is just perfect in every way and will be joining us here in just a couple more weeks!


Learn more about Nakara!


Houston…we “had” a problem

Just recently it was brought to our attention that our main contact form was not sending messages properly due to a server issue. We corrected this right away, however, some...