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Arctic Breeds are NOT the same…

Have you been accused of "animal cruelty" because you have let your Alaskan Malamute or other Arctic, double coated, snow loving breed stay outside? Don't feel bad! Plenty of disinformation...

Thinking about a Puppy?

Thinking about becoming a puppy owner? There is more to it than just fun and excitement. Anyone looking to purchase/adopt a puppy from us, must understand and accept terms and...

What is Line Breeding?

Recently we have had an unfortunate run-in with a couple who have been attempting to breed without breeding rights, breaching the legal contract they have with our partner over at...

Nakara and Kialeah

A Word on Breeding Malamutes…

Although breeding Malamutes may sound like a fun or lucrative idea, we strongly caution anyone who is not experienced to just go looking for breeding rights. Alaskan Malamutes are some...

Worming Your Dogs Naturally Mountain Life Malamutes

Worming Your Dogs Naturally

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Worming Your Dogs Naturally: Coming from an alternative health background, it is just instinctual for us to want to pursue natural treatments for our animals and stay away from as many chemical laden products as possible. We all know, that even though these medications work, they can also cause side effects as well as long-term issues associated with toxicity. Worming is one of those things that is an unavoidable necessity with dogs – period. Puppies must be wormed, adult dogs also go through periods where they may also need additional worming.

So why not try a natural, affordable, and safe alternative? Something that works well with your animals natural processes and effectively eliminates everything from roundworms, hookworms to whip worms – and even can treat worms that have invaded the lungs.

This miracle product for worming your dogs naturally is known as Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth or “DE”. This product is a white powdery substance which is made up of powdered fossilized remains of ancient phytoplankton and is 85% silica. It acts as an internal scrubber and sponge which destroys parasites, and has many other health benefits such as helping in the strengthening and healing of ligaments and bones, and even boosting the immune system. It can also be highly effective as a natural insecticide for flea and tick control on pets, as well as keeping your garden free of nasty critters! (Just be sure you place DE in areas that won’t come in contact with pollinators).

For worming your dogs naturally,

Mountain Life Malamutes Nakara

Names for your New Puppy!

Here are some unique names for your new puppy!
I simply adore picking out names for new pups, it’s SO much fun! So, here is a list of names for both boys and girls that you might find fitting for your new precious bundle of joy! Remember, often times, you have to spend some quality time with your new baby before the name actually “makes sense”, but other times, you just KNOW. Either way, these names might just help! Here are some of my MOST FAVORITE names (no guarantee that we won’t use some of these names ourselves in the near future LOL!) See if you can’t recognize where some of these awesome names come from!

Kialeah Mountain Life Alaskan Malamutes 2018

Recall Training with Kialeah

Training for “off-leash” hiking can be nerve-racking for even experienced dog owners. The most important thing is to make sure that there are no leash-laws prohibiting off-leash dogs in the area you are in. Always abide by the laws and rules governing any public trail you are on – and it’s always a good idea, especially during hunting season, to have your dog in a brightly colored hunting jacket. Training is really important, as is practice, for anything off-leash. Malamutes can be stubborn in this department, so make sure you KNOW your dog before attempting to go off-leash.