Adventures in Snow!

Come check out our most recent photos of our crew living it up here in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado! Teyah, Kialeah, Nakara, Samson and Kuruk enjoy an awesome day...

Our Journey with Alaskan Malamutes

Alaskan Malamutes

Kialeah and Colt Reunion 2018Alaskan Malamutes: When it comes to domesticated dog breeds, everyone has their preference. Whether that preference is based on looks, agility, temperament, health, or a combination of all these things or more – people love their dogs, and dogs, love their people.


We began our journey with Alaskan Malamutes not really knowing what we were getting ourselves into, in terms of how much of a positive impact they would have on our lives. The love that we have developed for this breed will surely continue into the afterlife, because we simply ADORE Alaskan Malamutes. One thing that sort of frustrates us is the lack of knowledge some folks have about this breed, and then they go around planting seeds of ignorance which then misleads people and even causes a lot of problems for the breed itself. We were victims of some of these false perceptions, and it’s taken us awhile to separate fact from fiction. It’s a continuing learning experience, no matter how long you spend with this breed, no matter how large your pack is, it’s a never-ending lifetime journey.

Despite what some “big shot” websites might claim, Alaskan Malamutes are NOT wolves or “wolf-dogs”, period. As flattering as it is, to be compared to the raw wild beauty of the wolf, Malamutes are no more wolf than any other dog. However, the Alaskan Malamute is a purebred dog, and one of the oldest domesticated breeds in the world, with historical evidence of their existence pointing upwards to twenty-thousand years. They were bred in a way which retained many of their wolfy traits, because these traits were desirable to the ancient Inuit people, or Mahlemut Tribe of Alaska. They were selectively bred to pull heavy loads through ice and snow, and to be an independent worker, with self-sustainable qualities. They were not bred in order to change them a whole lot more than this, like some dogs today who can fit in the back-pocket of someone’s designer jeans… This alone accounts for their wolf-like traits, and can be confusing to those who don’t know better. Compared with an actual wolf, a Malamute’s differences are quite clear. The head, tail, markings, paw size and shape, and overall physique is totally different. Although Alaskan Malamutes still possess many of their ancient wolf ancestor traits, there is no evidence, DNA or otherwise, to say or suggest they are “wolf dogs”…


Mountain Life Malamutes Nakara

Names for your New Puppy!

Here are some unique names for your new puppy!
I simply adore picking out names for new pups, it’s SO much fun! So, here is a list of names for both boys and girls that you might find fitting for your new precious bundle of joy! Remember, often times, you have to spend some quality time with your new baby before the name actually “makes sense”, but other times, you just KNOW. Either way, these names might just help! Here are some of my MOST FAVORITE names (no guarantee that we won’t use some of these names ourselves in the near future LOL!) See if you can’t recognize where some of these awesome names come from!

Mountain Life Malamutes Colorado Outdoor Adventures

The Joy of Colorado Outdoor Life

Living in a natural environment like the Colorado Rockies is truly one of the greatest gifts there are, and being able to experience nature on a daily basis is truly what we live and breathe for. Colorado has an absolutely amazing diverse wildlife population, and is one of the most scenic states in the country. Huge rock formations and outcroppings, vast open plains where you can see antelope, buffalo…sorta reminds of me a certain song….   Here are just some random photos taken recently that you might enjoy!


Whether it is the local mule deer, elk, or black bear, we find that magic is everywhere when you just take the time to appreciate it and see it! Check out our other blog posts regarding great spots to check out while in Colorado, especially in the Colorado Springs and Denver areas! Some great points of interest are Helen Hunt Falls, Manitou Springs, Estes Park, Blue Lakes, and The Royal Gorge! Don’t forget to check trail regulations to see if you can bring your 4 legged besties with you!


Please note: Our Mals are never exposed to natural threats; they are always either indoors, housed securely when outdoors, or fully supervised at all times.


Kialeah and Colt Reunion 2018

Kialeah and her Daddy Colt

We recently had a Father/Daughter reunion between these two very special dogs. This is Kialeah and her Dad Colt from Snow Pack's Alaskan Malamutes. They had a wonderful fun day...