Adventures in Snow!

Come check out our most recent photos of our crew living it up here in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado! Teyah, Kialeah, Nakara, Samson and Kuruk enjoy an awesome day...

Kialeah Mountain Life Malamutes Litter 2018

Kialeah’s Litter 2018

Kialeah delivered an absolutely GORGEOUS litter of 10 puppies September 30th 2018! This page will be updated on a regular basis, only current deposit holders should use the 2nd payment...

Kialeah Mountain Life Alaskan Malamutes 2018

Recall Training with Kialeah

Training for “off-leash” hiking can be nerve-racking for even experienced dog owners. The most important thing is to make sure that there are no leash-laws prohibiting off-leash dogs in the area you are in. Always abide by the laws and rules governing any public trail you are on – and it’s always a good idea, especially during hunting season, to have your dog in a brightly colored hunting jacket. Training is really important, as is practice, for anything off-leash. Malamutes can be stubborn in this department, so make sure you KNOW your dog before attempting to go off-leash.


Kialeah and Colt Reunion 2018

Kialeah and her Daddy Colt

We recently had a Father/Daughter reunion between these two very special dogs. This is Kialeah and her Dad Colt from Snow Pack's Alaskan Malamutes. They had a wonderful fun day...

Fall 2017 Horseshoe Mt.

Fall 2017 Horseshoe Mt.

Fall 2017 Horseshoe Mt.: It was our precious Kialeah’s first outing since she left the Snow Pack last Fall! It was here that her and Akyla became best buds! It was also a wonderful mom (Hialeah) and daughter reunion. Kialeah was merely 10 weeks old when she proved herself to be quite the hiking pup! She was keeping up with the rest of the pack in ways that made us proud!


Horseshoe Mountain is almost 14k ft in elevation, and a true wonder to behold here in the Rocky Mountain outback. It was one of the best days ever, spent with our friend and partner, and of course – the Pack! Kialeah gets “extra” brownie points for doing so well, and as you can see from the photos, she made a huge impression!