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Adventures in Snow!

Winter in the Rockies 2019

Adventures in Snow!

The crew had an awesome time today! Our fenced play field was the perfect  spot after a great snow that came through. Kialeah and Teyah’s coats are coming in again beautifully, they seem to get more and more beautiful each time they blow!

We have been experiencing issues with our WordPress theme and it’s costing us a lot of time trying to get new posts made and media uploads done, but we have SO much more media we wish we could share with our site visitors. We are doing what we can to make regular posts. We love sharing our adventures with everyone, it’s a real honor and blessing to be able to enjoy these beautiful animals, and give them the life they deserve!

Enjoy these amazing photos! Check back often for more, we are slowly trying to get the problems resolved. These photos are some of the best; it really shows how much fun they have when allowed to fully engage themselves, and how much they love their element!

The gang waiting for us to come out
Teyah, intense focus
Teyah 2019
Samson, post snowball fight lol
Kialeah showing the boys how it's done!
Nakara, Winter 2019
Kuruk Mountain Thunder! Getting big and owning the snow!
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