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Our Alaskan Malamute Puppies

Born & Raised Indoors, Loved Beyond Words!

About Our Alaskan Malamute Puppies

Kyah (left) Kialeah and Kuruk Litter 2019, With her new “Forever Family” Best Friend Emmy

There are some really wonderful breeders out there. However, when considering a “breeder” to purchase any breed of puppy, always be diligent in your research. ALWAYS ask and verify that a breeder is in compliance with all governing laws prior to sending a deposit. In Colorado, any breeder who produces more than two litters within 12 months is REQUIRED to have licensing through Colorado Department of Agriculture’s PACFA program. This program ensures the safety and well-being of animals by holding breeders accountable for proper care, maintenance, and record keeping. Non compliant breeders are subject to violations and other disciplinary action which could jeopardize your investment.


You can try to to avoid “puppy mill” type operations by truly understanding what a puppy mill is. Unfortunately, to really identify a true puppy mill, you need to do a little work. Puppy mills are not just breeders with a lot of dogs. You must understand, in order for a breeder to run a successful breeding program, this requires having multiple dogs, both young and old, to protect the “future” of a bloodline. Depending on the nature of a breeding program, this might require only 8-10 dogs, and if a breeder keeps their dogs instead of re-homing them when the retire, they can end up with even more. When it comes to Malamutes. Malamutes are often used in sled/mushing teams.  They truly are a working dog breed, so in order to have a good working team, you need to have several, if not quite a few, dogs. Many Malamute breeders also work their dogs, or do things in a “team” or “pack”. Breeders who actually work their dogs do it weekly, if not daily. Those who utilize these “working dogs” as they are genetically built and intended for, generally have quite a few dogs. To do this successfully, you have to understand how to properly maintain and keep order in a “pack”. It’s a lot different than just owning one or two as household companions. So please do not assume that just because a breeder has what appears to be “many” dogs, that this automatically means they are a mill, because it is absolutely not always true. However, be cautious with breeders who claim to do things like “work their dogs” yet have no real experience, working knowledge, or do not post pictures and video of their dogs actually engaging in these activities on a regular basis. We do not claim to “work” our dogs at this time because we do many other activities with them, and are only now starting to train our dogs for carting. We let our dogs play HARD each day, and every day, whether within our safe fully fenced 13k square foot wilderness play area, or out somewhere in Colorado’s outback. We are very proud of what we do with our pack on a daily, regular basis, therefore we do not feel the need to post misleading statements or claims. Honesty is always the best policy, and we feel that people appreciate that more than misleading meaningless advertising.


Puppy Mills are also less interested in what they “produce” and will often irresponsibly breed dogs who either have a known genetic disorder, breeds dogs that are too old or too young to be bred, breeds dogs that are too closely related and/or misuse “line breeding” techniques, or breed dogs that are not physically or emotionally healthy. This is highly frowned upon by ethical breeders who work hard to produce quality puppies and contribute to the integrity and quality of the breed. OFA certifications alone do very little in guaranteeing anything, so don’t allow yourself to be easily convinced by these pieces of paper alone, because they simply cannot guarantee a puppy will not develop problems as these are not “genetic” tests. There are other things that greatly reduces the risk of conditions such as hip dysplasia, like responsible breeding, diet, exercise, waiting to spay/neuter, etc –  but no pure bred dog will ever be 100% risk free for developing a genetic disease, even with the most experienced and responsible breeders in the world. That is just the cold hard truth. See our other article on this, Why We Don’t OFA Certify Our Dogs. Genetic tests such as Embark are more helpful, but again, are not fool proof. We just do not believe in telling anyone that their dog is “exempt” from any and all possible genetic issues because of a single test – it’s just not ethical to do so, especially with pure breed dogs. There are many veterinarians who warn against these new genetic tests as well, stating they should be used more for informational and/or entertainment purposes only. We feel that genetic testing will always be more valuable than the tests performed through OFA, but, both are “for profit”, and we know that testing is flawed in many cases. We hope that technology will eventually lead us to a place where we can eliminate all possibility of genetic disease in the future, but in our strong opinion, at this time, neither should ever be solely or heavily relied upon. Although we have never had a puppy family come back to us for a genetic related disease or illness, we still feel that 100% PURE TRANSPARENCY and HONESTY as to the risks associated with pure breed dogs is needed, disclosed, and fully discussed with our families. It is also why we, as well as almost ALL other breeders, have a health agreement which covers these possibilities. A breeder who is not willing to discuss these things, or tries to claim that their dogs or lines are 100% “incapable” of producing a genetically compromised puppy at some point is not being honest with themselves or others – period.

Puppy Mills also tend to “always” have puppies available, but that might not be the best way to tell if a breeder is operating a “mill” style operation either. Alaskan Malamutes, if happy and healthy, and given a high quality of life, can have litters twice a year with no problem at all. It is actually being documented that females that are bred every cycle can statistically have healthier litters and puppies, have less chances of developing infections and other adverse events during pregnancy and delivery, than those who are bred only once a year or sporadically. There is nothing wrong with a breeder waiting a year or more between litters either, but do not just assume, simply because a breeder allows their healthy girls to have litters back to back, that they are automatically a mill, or doing anything wrong. An ethical breeder will wait until at least a year, preferably 2, before a first time breeding. This allows the female to develop fully, and also gives time to assess any physical traits and/or conditions that would be detrimental to a healthy breeding program. Retiring breeding females early, as opposed to continuing to breed them for as long as they are capable of producing litters, is also good practice, and what we personally subscribe to.

Always thoroughly read a breeder’s contract or agreement and be sure you fully understand and accept ALL terms. Always ask a ton of questions, do research, ensure they are properly licensed, and find and read REAL reviews. Unfortunately, there are some folks that like to forget about the terms and conditions they have agreed to when purchasing a puppy from a breeder, and will post one-sided “angry” reviews if a breeder does not grant them what they want (usually a refund). Try to also look “between the lines” so you can identify “breeder war” style competition tactics, which are often used to attack good breeders purposefully. It is also wise to be cautious of breeders who openly talk behind other breeder’s backs, even if that breeder appears to be doing it for the “Greater Good”. There is always two sides to everything, and in our experience, it is often the ones willing to trash someone else’s reputation for personal gain, as to where we should show the most “concern”.

Please, never knowingly or willingly support a puppy mill operation, regardless of breed, this world has enough suffering in it.

Takanni, Teyah and Kuruk Litter 2019

Please also do plenty of research on the Alaskan Malamute breed FIRST, come out to visit, and/or really be sure that you are willing to provide a forever home and have the lifestyle, time, and financial means to properly care for a Malamute before considering owning one of our babies. Our agreement PROHIBITS any abandonment to shelters, and we must be informed if the puppy leaves your care.  Our pups, when available, are only sold to private individual buyers, NOT pet stores or any other “business”. Re-selling of our puppies is strictly forbidden per our written agreement. Pups are not “our business”, they are our pleasure and joy, and we take our commitment to their health, happiness, and future very seriously. We want what is best for them, so if you are new to this breed, it is your duty to ensure you know what you are committing yourself to. These dogs often end up in shelters because people do not take the time to properly research the breed and then find out that it’s either too much for them to deal with or they just don’t want to put the time into them that they need. We are usually very lucky and often have qualified loving potential forever homes contact us about pups, and we are very grateful for this. This is a 12-14 year commitment, please do NOT take a puppy into your life unless you can GUARANTEE them a proper, safe, loving, caring, forever home.

We are proudly a PACFA licensed facility, however this is our home, and not a business location. We obtained our licensing as we planned additional litters starting in 2020. We renew our licensing, as needed, and always follow governing rules and laws, whether we have enough litters to warrant licensing, or not. Our litters are born at least once a year to each of our healthy happy breeding girls, and are given instant love, affection, and human interaction. We have a young son who plays and socializes with the pups, and we also have a resident cat, so the pups are familiar with both children and other pets at an early age. This does NOT mean that you should not properly train your puppy to not chase or “kill” other animals, it just means they are used to being around other animals and have already started being taught how to co-exist. Moms are kept in a comfortable and well-protected environment indoors to reduce stress and to ensure the safety and well-being of her newborn pups. Later they are moved outdoors to secure kennels which are video monitored 24/7. They are fed a high quality diet (we currently feed our pups Taste of the Wild and/or Diamond Naturals) along with many other supplemental foods such as eggs, local deer, antelope and other meats, certain fruits and veggies, clean Rocky Mountain well water, NutVet Plus!, provided with proper pre/post veterinarian care, and are treated as the adored sentient family members that they truly are – from day 1.

We do not have much of a flea or tick issue specifically where we live, but pups are inspected for any and all parasites regardless (especially worms) and are seen and/or treated by a qualified local veterinarian who is skilled and experienced with this breed. Our location is not as prone to many of the different parasites and problems as some other locations, as we live in a very dry cool/cold region, however we still take necessary precautions. Our pups receive individual health screenings, and will come with documentation of health status, along with their first set of shots. We handle worming, as needed, through the direction of our veterinarian, by doing a 3 day treatment of Fenbendazole at 6 weeks for pups – if necessary. We do not believe in treating puppies with toxic chemicals unless there is a reason, and although many breeders will worm their puppies starting as young as 2 weeks, and repeat this several times before leaving to their new homes, we know this is NOT usually necessary for our pups, and can cause serious adverse reactions. We do testing on our breeding dogs prior to breeding, and fecals on pups to determine if anything is needed. Our families are asked to provide us results of their puppy’s fecal tests when they are seen by their veterinarian, and we have yet to have a puppy come back positive for any live worms after leaving our care. This way, we are able to confirm that our treatment protocol is working, and working WELL. Worming and watching for things like Giardia and/or Coccidia is something that you will need to continually monitor and be sure to stay up on as parasites go through different life cycles, and fecal exams are commonly known to lack accuracy due to this. What might not be evident one day, could manifest the next. This is why it’s imperative to act quickly if you suspect there is a problem, as puppies are very susceptible to parasites and viruses – especially when introduced to new environments. We will never release a pup if we have reason to suspect or think that puppy is not in a healthy state or condition. We will hold the puppy back until we feel confident that we are releasing a healthy puppy.

Local deposit holders are REQUIRED to visit either us at our home to meet the dogs, at least once prior to picking up their puppy. This is part of our screening process, as we want to be sure whoever is going to end up taking one of our pups fully understands the commitment involved. We will be changing our deposit process very soon, and only accepting deposits once puppies are born and are at least 6 weeks old. We are making changes to accommodate our future plans to move to a new location here in Colorado, and to help reduce paperwork and make handling things such as taxes and other “administrative duties” a little easier to manage.

Puppies can be visited at 6 weeks, no sooner, as moms are usually too overprotective and pups are too susceptible to germs. All visitors are required to spray their shoes with SNiPER disinfectant spray and to use hand sanitizer before interacting with puppies. When visits are made, we require you to agree to our visitation agreement which is found on our Request Visit contact form page.

Puppy picks will soon be done via online and/or in combination with in-person visits under strict health protocols. Due to COVID 19 we feel it is best to limit the amount of exposure as we have a “high risk” family member in our home. We are still developing our new process, and should have a better description of how we will be handling deposits and picks very soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please use our contact form to send us your inquiries.

If you are interested in owning one of our pups, please READ carefully all the following information regarding our process BEFORE considering an Alaskan Malamute. Also, you may view our AGREEMENT ahead of time, which must be agreed to BEFORE placing a deposit and signed prior to picking up your puppy.

What we CAN’T offer and what you Should Know….

M’Baku with his new Forever Family! Kialeah and Kuruk Litter 2019

There is no guarantee on phenotype (colors, coats, etc) sexes, or quantity of the litters – EVER. We can sometimes “guess” what we might get based on previous litters, but until pups are born, it’s impossible to know such things. We also do not guarantee that any planned breeding will be successful. When dealing with nature and the natural order of things, these things are simply not something that anyone should ever try to “guarantee”. The dates we post on expected litters are not exact, they are estimated based on what we feel is a close guess as to when to expect litters. We will never breed a female that is not ready, or not in a perfectly healthy state, determined by our veterinarian, just to have a planned litter. There are many factors at play, such as when our females actually go into their heat cycles and when they are individually ready to breed. Sometimes our girls are right on schedule, sometimes they are early or later than expected, we may decide they need to skip a season, etc. It’s all about natural processes, so please do not assume that the dates we post are ever set in stone. We are not “in the business” just to produce pups, so therefore we do not do anything to interfere with their natural processes. Although we intend certain “pairings” there are times when those specific pairings might not work, and so we may try a different pairing. As the breeder, we will always determine which puppies will be made available for picks. We might decide that we need to keep out of a litter to maintain our breeding program and otherwise plan for the future. At no time should a deposit holder ever think they will have a pick out of “all pups” in a specific litter for this reason. We highly suggest that picks are not based on general preferences alone. These dogs are multi-level, deeply intelligent, unique individuals and it’s simply not possible or even ethical to judge whether or not a pup is a “good pick” based on just color, coat, or sex. Just with any living sentient being, there is a much more deeper connection involved. The Alaskan Malamute breed is stunningly gorgeous and sought after for this quality alone – but we strongly encourage you to also look beyond just the superficial, and also focus on the inner connection you feel as well when picking out a pup.

Pups generally do a little better if there is another dog in the new household, it gives them a sense of security after leaving mom and siblings. HOWEVER, you should always have your current pets tested for anything that they could be carrying and pass to your new pup. Some dogs can be carrying giardia and not have any signs or symptoms, but be a “carrier”. This can easily affect your young pup’s vulnerable immune system, and quickly become an infection. It also tends to make things a bit easier if you need to leave during the day for work, so the puppy does not feel “all alone”. NEVER leave a puppy exposed to an older dog unattended unless you know, for FACT, that there is no threat of jealousy, food aggression etc. If you are not certain of this, we suggest you leave your new puppy crated, but able to “see” the other dog so that they do not feel isolated or alone. We also always like to point out, that same sex aggression “can” occur, so if you are not experienced in training or maintaining pack order, this could be a challenge you face. Even the closest of friends as a puppy, things can change as the dogs get older, and they feel they want to challenge their position. In our experience, having two males can be more challenging than having two females, but that is not always the case.

There are absolutely NO REFUNDS for deposits made towards pups. These deposits are made in Good Faith that you are reserving a puppy for yourself and that you are fully on-board with this commitment. When we receive a deposit we know that we have a qualified home waiting for one of our babies. You will find this to be a standard among most all breeders. Only in very rare and specific circumstances will we issue refunds, and this is totally left to our discretion, and per our written agreement. Deposits made via Google Pay and/or PayPal are also NON REFUNDABLE. Google Pay and/or PayPal does not supersede our seller policy. We have MANY expenses to maintain even our small pack, there are costs that most folks don’t even think about or realize. Deposits are used to care for our dogs, pay for veterinarian care, Nuvet, food, toys, licensing, enclosures, fencing, and many other costs not typically understood or aware of by most.

For those who read our site thoroughly, you will know we repeat things multiple times. This is to be certain that there are ZERO misunderstandings. It is a major red flag when people email us asking for just “price and availability” only, when it’s clearly stated on our website, and if someone doesn’t even take the time to read that – then they will more than likely not be getting one of our babies. We don’t put people through strenuous application processes, background checks etc, but we will not simply just ignore “warning” signs of potentially irresponsible individuals. Too many precious animals end up in shelters, abandoned, abused, neglected, or not given the life they deserve, simply because people think all there is to dog ownership is the initial price tag.

Parasites in young puppies is an ON-GOING maintenance based process. We choose to use Codex Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth inside our kennels because it is highly effective against insects, keeps things dry, and absorbs odor. It can also be given orally, which we also do at times to cut down on potential parasitical infections. Our dogs are regularly tested for parasites, and we treat only as needed under the direction of our veterinarian. Food Grade DE is used in zoos, sanctuaries and farms across the country, is much easier on a young puppy’s system than many chemical wormers, and it is what WE CHOOSE to use first if we suspect anything before we can do a chemical wormer. We only use a mild chemical wormer such as Fenbendazole or Pyrantel at 6 weeks if there is a positive fecal. Coccidia is very commonly present in puppies, and if a puppy becomes too stressed out when leaving to go to their new homes, this can lower their immune system, making them vulnerable, and can allow certain things to manifest quickly and without warning. Coccidia can be fatal if allowed to go untreated, especially when suspected in puppies, but is easily treatable with the use of proper medications. This is why our agreement specifically states that we require having a puppy RE-CHECKED by your veterinarian within 3 days to ensure that your puppy is STILL in a healthy state of being. This is YOUR responsibility. Additional concerns during transporting/transitioning to a new home: Alaskan Malamute puppies cannot be overheated, allowed to become dehydrated, or exposed to too much too quickly. Puppies must be CONSTANTLY supervised and kept away from any potential foreign objects that they could swallow. Malamutes are known to like to chew, and go for items that are soft like underwear, socks, wool etc and certain objects do not always shows up on regular X-rays. Many times, a barium X-ray is needed to clearly rule out a possible foreign body. Puppies PREFER to be cool and get overheated very easily. Many inexperienced “new owners” will make the mistake of wanting to keep them too warm, cover them with blankets, or cuddle them to the point where they are just too hot. Our puppies are often conditioned to temperatures reaching near ZERO degrees and even lower prior to leaving us, they thrive in these lower temperatures!

Kialeah and Kuruk Litter 2019

We have an extensive written agreement which includes a “health section” where we discuss specific conditions and diseases that we cover. Our health agreement does not cover anything unless it is documented as genetic, and diagnosis must be made within the first year of the puppy’s life. Please look over our agreement in-depth before submitting a deposit, as we go over specific conditions, whether it’s covered or not, and how we go about covering such things. We cannot and do not cover non-genetic diseases or other conditions as we have no control over the contributing factors for such disease or conditions once a puppy leaves our care. There are just way too many causes and contributing factors for disease, everything from diet, exercise and nutrition, to vaccinations, exposure to chemicals and other “treatments”, lifestyle, environment, spay or neutering too young – the list goes on. It is important for anyone to know, there is no such thing as a “risk free” bloodline or breed – period. No bloodline is without at least some risk of some form of “genetic mutation” showing up at some point in time.  As breeders, we take responsibility by ensuring that we would never include a dog in our breeding program that was diagnosed with a genetic disease. Although our dogs are all very healthy, and our lines are relatively free of genetic disease, we still realize that breeding always comes with inherent risks. It’s just part of life. Although we would never knowingly or willingly breed a dog with a genetic disorder, in the same breath, we would also never condemn an entire pedigree, and generations of healthy dogs, simply because of an isolated case where a dog or pup developed a rare condition. If that was the case, no breeder should breed any animal. By properly excluding specific individual dogs from a breeding program who have been diagnosed with a genetic disease,  we feel this is the responsible, ethical, and proactive thing to do, and how we would do our part to greatly reduce these inherent risks. We are also in direct close contact with the breeders whose lines are involved in our breeding program, whom have extensive knowledge of the histories of the different bloodlines involved, and together, make educated and responsible choices based on actual firsthand experience.

What we CAN and Do offer….

Honey, Kialeah and Kuruk Litter 2019, With her New Best Friend

Healthy, Happy, Beautiful companions that will bring love and joy into your life and help create beautiful memories for years to come! We are here for our families – for LIFE. Just because you leave with a pup, that does not mean we don’t want to hear from you, or be there for you in case of any questions, challenges, or simply just to stay in touch! We LOVE seeing how our babies grow up – that is an essential part of our breeding decisions!

Our puppies come with a health exam certificate from a trusted and respectable local veterinarian. Pups also come with shot and worming record, Microchip ID with pre-paid registration, Nuvet Plus information, and a bag of useful goodies to take home! We also ask to take a photo of you with your puppy on the day of pickup so that we can place you in our “Happily Ever Afters Gallery” section of our website.

We offer a stress-free process that not only provides peace of mind, but also guarantees that anyone with the ability to properly provide a safe and loving forever-home to one of our babies, has the opportunity to do so. Starting in 2019, we started offering a $200 discount to verified Active Military/Veterans. You must inquire about this discount BEFORE sending your initial deposit for us to be able to honor it.

We are always available for you for questions and advice. We are NOT veterinarians, but often can provide certain information that might help point you in the right direction if you can’t find what you are looking for. We understand that veterinarians that are not specifically experienced with Alaskan Malamutes often say and do things that might be “by the book” but not necessarily, “by the breed”. We are here for our families, and for our babies – always.

Pricing and Payments – UPDATED!
Pricing now includes AKC Limited Registration & Microchip ID

Puppies standard pricing starts at $1860 USD (Plus 4.4% applicable sales Tax)

**Please note we will be changing our deposit process shortly**
Payments can either be made in full, or in payments of $620. Initial deposit will remain $620, however pups will be individually priced.

  • $620 Initial Deposit to hold rights to First, Second or Third Pick Male/Female (No guarantee on sexes until litters are born, breeder ALWAYS holds the right to hold back a puppy)
  • $620 when pups are born, and you know you wish to move forward with a selection.
  • $620 + applicable sales tax of 4.4% ($81.84) when pup is 6 weeks old, 2 weeks prior to pickup day. If a pup is priced higher than $1860, the balance plus applicable sales tax, will be the final payment.

Payments must be made on time, and must be clear before the puppy is released – so please be sure that we have final payment in advance, and that it has cleared prior to pickup date. Please click here to read more about Limited AKC Registration.

You will be required to sign our written agreement upon pick up, which confirms that you have received the puppy into your care, in good condition, along with all medical and treatment records, and PACFA Rabies Prevention Brochure. We also require anyone who will be considered as “Owner” to sign the agreement, and provide a State Issued ID with current address, and contact numbers for our records.

*Please NOTE: If you make a payment/deposit using PayPal or Google Pay, there are still NO REFUNDS. 3rd Party Payment Gateways do NOT supersede the terms of our WRITTEN AGREEMENT or policies on refunds. If you choose to request a refund via PayPal or Google Pay at any time, we will have no choice but to pursue legal action for damages. Please be sure you are fully aware and accept the terms of our agreement PRIOR to sending in a deposit. This agreement does NOT have to be signed in order for it to be enforced. Your deposit is initiated from this website and therefore acts as your acknowledgment of all terms and conditions associated with this transaction.

There is never an obligation to any litter. If pups are born, and you don’t connect with any of the pups in that litter, your deposit will simply move onto the next litter. This may require you to wait another 6 months to a year for more litters to be born.

We would rather you wait for the right pup, than to end up with a pup that you are not fully committed to.

Again, please note that after the second payment is made, and you have selected your pup, the last payment MUST be made (and cleared) before the pup can go to his/her new home.  If you cannot make the last payment, the pup will be offered to individuals on the waiting list, however, your initial deposit and any other payments, will move onto the next litter. Although we do not offer refunds, we also don’t steal people’s money – your deposit will never be “lost” unless you decide to walk away from your commitment.

Although we do not conduct background checks or require proof of any certain living arrangements or other “criteria”, we do reserve the FULL RIGHT to turn away anyone we feel is not qualified to own one of our babies. If you are a renter, you MUST obtain permission from you landlord for this specific breed PRIOR to placing a deposit. If we suspect any form of deceitful agenda to obtain pups for unauthorized breeding or any activity that goes against our terms, we reserve the right to terminate the sale. Resale of our pups is STRICKLY forbidden. These dogs deserve FOREVER homes, and homes that provide a safe and loving environment. If you cannot make this commitment, then please do NOT consider one of our babies. You must understand that these dogs require an active lifestyle and cannot be expected to constantly exist within the confines of 4 walls. You need to understand that they can be intimidating to others and require strong leadership and training. This is an arctic working dog breed, and although beautiful and highly sought after, they are not meant to live solely indoors or without proper training. This breed is also commonly known for same sex aggression. If you already have a dog in your home, we suggest that you do get the opposite sex, but NO BREEDING IS ALLOWABLE, whether purposeful or accidental, and is grounds for immediate legal action.

Breeding Rights and AKC Registration

Mountain Thunder in the Sun

We now offer Limited AKC Registration and Microchip ID with the standard purchasing of our pups. Please click here for more info.  All of our adult dogs who are/will produce litters are fully registered with the AKC and we also register each litter. Information on all our dogs can be found here on our website or by contacting us directly. There are many unscrupulous individuals looking to breed without going through the proper channels, and we must protect ourselves and our lines from being stolen and/or abused. Our puppies are sold as companions only, and Limited AKC registration does not provide breeding rights. Please see our puppy agreement/terms of sale for more detailed information. You will find the link to this document in the main menu under “Puppies”.

We are not currently offering full registration for breeders at this time as we are establishing our own lines and feel we have more work to do before we offer this. We also protect other breeder’s lines and abide by strict contractual agreements, and will always consult with them prior to offering breeding rights. Many years of hard work and experience is involved in these lines, and we take that very seriously.

Our dogs will NEVER know a life where profit means more than their own well-being and happiness.


If you purchase a puppy from us, and then decide that you cannot properly care for him/her during any point in time,  you MUST contact us first before the health or well-being of the dog is affected, or before bringing the dog to a shelter or giving him/her to someone who may not be able to properly provide care. Failure to do so puts you in direct breach of the terms of our agreement. When re-homing a Mal, there are many things to consider, for the sake of everyone involved. We must be involved in this process, and if possible, we will accept the dog back into our own care, even if temporarily, until we find a new suitable home. Many times people will just sell a Mal they can no longer care for, hoping to recoup some of the monetary investment they have made. Let me assure you, this is not always in the best interest of the Malamute. No animal is “without rights”, please know this as a FACT, not merely a belief. We never charge anything to re-home one of our pups, they are never sold “twice”.

If you are interested in helping a rescue, there are times where we are looking for qualified re-home opportunities for Mals that we come to learn about. These are often not our pups, and we do not assume any liability for any re-home. Re-homes are only offered to those with verifiable experience with the breed, and only to homes that meet any specific special needs requirements. The goal is to provide these dogs with a safe, healthy, and well-balanced FOREVER HOME. That is, and always should be, the 1st priority of any animal owner.

Upcoming Litters and Available Puppies

If you are interested in owning one of our precious babies, please click here to see upcoming litters and/or any available puppies at this time. If you would like to be added to our waiting list, please send us a quick message using this form, click here, and your email will be kept on file and you will be notified of upcoming litters via email. Puppies go VERY quickly. If you are certain you are interested in one of our upcoming litters, please know we can only hold pups for those who have made deposits. We try very hard to keep our website updated, and that is the fastest and easiest way for you to know about any available puppies or upcoming litters. Please look there first. Thank you!