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About Us

Artists, Adventurers, and Activists

We are a Husband and Wife team who live at 8600 feet in elevation, high up in the blissful Rocky Mountains of Colorado along with our youngest Son, our cat Ozzie, and of course our precious Malamutes. We are NOT a business location, we are an active family with many interests, passions and goals. Our intent and focus with our Alaskan Malamutes is to share and enjoy a rich and fulfilling outdoor life, and maintain a healthy, strong, and pure lineage which supports mentally, physically, and emotionally balanced dogs. They are a major part of our day-to-day life, and we devote much time and attention to them and their individual needs. We are NOT affiliated or partnered with any other breeder, but we have been greatly blessed with the support of several very ethical and experienced breeders who we trust and have much respect for. Our dogs are all our own dogs, with origins from different breeders whose lines we are very proud of. Our own line is now established, and we are very proud of what we have been able to accomplish in such a relatively short amount of time. We are not looking to become some huge breeding operation, we are currently focused on putting together a carting team, and we enjoy producing quality pups for quality forever families.

Our dogs truly are “mountain dogs” in every sense of the term. Not only do they play hard, they thrive! We look for every opportunity to go out for runs and hikes in the local Pike’s Peak area, including higher altitude mountainous terrains. Our dogs are leash trained, but do best off leash in areas where they are safe and protected. They are allowed to free run in areas that are either safe and/or designated for this type of play! Outdoor time is a MUST for a happy well-balance Malamute, and we take this part of our obligation to them VERY seriously!

Please do NOT confuse us with a “puppy mill” or simple “backyard breeders” because we are neither, this is truly our life, we take our dog’s well-being and happiness very serious, and they are a part of everything we do. Please see our blog for inside looks into how we raise, treat, and manage our dogs.

More About “Larz”

Larz is a Navy Veteran who grew up in the Florida wetlands capturing live snakes and alligators for the late Ross Allen, of the Ross Allen Reptile Institute of Ocala Florida, in the late 70’s. As a child, he also gained a lot of life experience growing up on his parent’s small 10 acre farm, learning to appreciate the natural elements, and developing a deep connection with local wildlife. Being waste deep in the murky swamps of Florida was a normal part of his life for many years, as was his passion for digging for Paleolithic artifacts. In his young adult years, he also gained a background in wolf-dog breeding, which later led him to his deep appreciation and love of the Alaskan Malamute. He also has experience handling and breeding exotic reptiles. Being the outdoor enthusiast he is, he has spent years doing everything from kayaking to mountain climbing.  Today Larz is a Father, Artist, Student, Outdoor Enthusiast, Herpetoculturist, and shares the same love, passion, devotion, and admiration for the Alaskan Malamute breed as I do, making us the perfect family team! Larz also makes sure that our fur babies constantly have what they need for outdoor comfort, safety, and fun, and takes great pride in providing quality, spacious, clean, and secure housings. View our blog and Instagram feed to see some of our projects and progress.

More About “Kendra”

Kendra grew up mainly in the backwoods of Arkansas. Greatly inspired by all things “outdoors”, she often found herself hiking and biking through the woods as a child with her coydog Sheba. Always an animal and nature lover, she would spend countless hours with birds, horses, dogs, and the local wildlife, as well as fishing, backpacking, and adventuring. She also has spent much time hiking in the Ozarks, Washington state, kayaking in the Gulf of Mexico, Hillsborough River, and exploring other areas of rural North Florida. A prior Florida state certified healthcare professional, she also has spent many years of study in the Alternative Health Care Industry and has worked with physicians and surgeons in the rehabilitation of accident victims. Her other interests also include Falconry and Sheep farming, which will eventually lead the pack further out in Colorado’s Back-country one day. Today Kendra is a Mother, Artist, Student, Outdoor Enthusiast, Freelance Writer, and much of her time is dedicated to raising and caring for her Malamutes and other critters.

Like “Peas & Carrots”

Together, we are are both March against Monsanto activists and have written articles and spoken publicly about the environmental dangers of genetically modified organisms in the food supply and their massive impact on the natural world. We both firmly believe that responsible self-sustainable lifestyles is the path towards healing this world, its people, and all living creatures. Our beliefs do not just begin and end with mere words, we live each and every day, working hard to move closer and closer to a truly self-sustaining off-grid lifestyle.

Being both Artists, we often will collaborate on projects together, but I, Kendra, am the “Sculptor and Soap Maker” and Larz is the “Stained Glass and Knife Artisan”.  We balance each other’s creative energies out very well, and we are both hard working people who want to see people, animals, and the earth heal and co-exist in peace. Our other hobbies include breeding New Caledonia Crested Geckos, bird watching, and wild life and nature photography.

Our “Take” on Social Media…

We don’t currently have a Facebook page for puppies, as we just prefer to keep things more personal, and subscribe to a different philosophy when it comes to finding potential homes for our dogs. We are not a full time breeding business, so advertising is not something we really feel is necessary. It’s also very difficult to continuously update multiple sites with current information. I have a personal Facebook page, as well as an Instagram, but neither are used to promote the selling of puppies – only to share our family adventures, our artwork, and our love for our Malamutes, all of them, not just the pups. So if you are interested in puppies, you can feel free to message us, and we will keep you privately in the loop for any upcoming litters we may have available, or just check in on our “Upcoming Litters” page from time to time. Thanks!