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About Us

Artists, Adventurers, and Activists

New Year, New Changes!

Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to learn a little about us! We are a small family, currently living at 8600 feet in elevation, in the blissful Rocky Mountains of Colorado. We moved here from Florida several years ago, but don’t let that fool you into thinking we are “city folk”. We both come from very rural backgrounds, living and exploring in areas such as Arkansas, Washington State, North Florida and Virginia. We have many video hours logged of our kayaking adventures through the alligator infested murky swamps of Florida’s Hillsborough, and through the beautiful sunsets of the Gulf of Mexico. We are both animal lovers, and have always had a passion for larger breed dogs. We believe that a breeder who honestly wants to do things right, will first seek out a mentor with direct experience in the breed, genuine knowledge about history, bloodlines, and more importantly, possess honesty and integrity. This is harder to find than most people think, because it takes more than “years” alone to possess the values it takes to properly and responsibly support a new breeding program. Luckily, we were blessed to finally find the right mentor, and over the passed several years, have been extremely diligent in our research, using every opportunity to learn, grow, and do right by our dogs. It is our priority to support mentally, physically, and emotionally balanced dogs while enjoying a rich and fulfilling life together. They are a major part of our day-to-day life, and we devote much time and attention to them and their individual needs. We are NOT affiliated or partnered with any other breeder, but we have been greatly blessed with the support of several very ethical and experienced breeders who we trust and have much respect for. We are extremely proud of what we have been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time so far, and are steadily working towards many long term goals. We are not looking to become some huge breeding operation, but we do enjoy producing quality pups for quality forever families on a small “family” scale. We are currently training our dogs for cart pulling and other fun activities, and in the meantime, we spend a lot of time playing hard in our half acre plus woodland play area, taking rides together, and adventuring as a family.

Our dogs our very meaningful to us, they are not just puppy making machines, and we always make sure they have everything they need no matter if it’s individual needs, medical needs, or different nutritional needs. Every one of them is unique and different. Each has their own personalities, ways of communicating, likes and dislikes, and individual “priorities”. The Alaskan Malamute’s true historical past is a lot different than what many people think, and it’s been a genuine pleasure to research and learn the true past of this incredible breed, which has some very distinct origins.

We take pride in the fact that we do not cut corners, are properly licensed by the State of Colorado as required, and provide proper care and maintenance for our dogs. We handle all business related matters professionally, and we take our dog’s well-being and happiness very serious.  Please see our other pages and blog for more information if you’d like to know more, and thank you for your interest!


About “Larz”

Larz is a Navy Veteran who grew up in the Florida wetlands capturing live snakes and alligators for the late Ross Allen, of the Ross Allen Reptile Institute of Ocala Florida, in the late 70’s. As a child, he also gained a lot of life experience growing up on his parent’s small 10 acre farm, learning to appreciate the natural elements, and developing a deep connection with local wildlife. Being waste deep in the murky swamps of Florida was a normal part of his life for many years, as was his passion for digging for Paleolithic artifacts. Larz is a former biomedical technician specializing in the field of endoscopy for both human medical and veterinary use, and has worked on everything from other medical equipment to comanche helicopters for the US Government. In his young adult years, he gained a background in wolf-dog breeding, which later led him to his deep appreciation and love of the Alaskan Malamute. He also has experience handling and breeding exotic reptiles. Being the outdoor enthusiast he is, he has spent years doing everything from kayaking to mountain climbing. Larz is also an artist specializing in stained glass, and a musician.


About “Kendra”

Kendra grew up mainly in the backwoods of Arkansas. Greatly inspired by all things “outdoors”, she often found herself hiking and biking through the woods as a child with her coydog Sheba. Always an animal and nature lover, she would spend countless hours with birds, horses, dogs, and the local wildlife, as well as fishing, backpacking, and adventuring. She also has spent much time hiking in the Ozarks, Washington state, kayaking in the Gulf of Mexico, Hillsborough River, and exploring other areas of rural North Florida. Her previous professional background includes accounting, business management, and marketing. Also a prior Florida state certified healthcare professional, she has spent many years of study in the Alternative Health Care Industry and has worked with physicians and surgeons in the rehabilitation of accident victims. She is an established artist, working in polymer clay, resin and mixed media. She specializes in sculpture and miniature doll eye making. She has designed one of the smallest miniature doll eye molds available in the world, 3mm total size with 1.5mm irises.


Like “Peas & Carrots”

Together, we have shared nearly 14 years on this planet, and are very blessed to have such a love and passion for the same things, and are proud to have God leading the way. We have had some bumps and bruises along the path, but that is what makes you stronger, wiser, and closer.


Ethics and Moral Obligations

As a breeder, regardless of how big or small, there are always moral and ethical obligations we have to our fellow breeders, as well as our puppy families. Unfortunately, there can be a lot of “drama” that many people don’t see, know about, or even care about, that goes on in the breeding community. Often this “drama” leads some breeders to post things on their websites to address such things. There is a big difference between a breeder defending themselves against false accusations, but it’s another for a breeder to deceptively try to hurt another breeder for personal gain. So with that being said, we would like to just encourage folks to please always use discernment when reading libel statements on websites or social media about breeders. Often times, the ones that take pride in spreading gossip and unfairly attacking others are the ones whose lack of integrity caused the problem to begin with. Sometimes we see people post questions in forums only to see arm chair warriors jump on topics for an opportunity to defame or slander another breeder, and usually, they are wrong or lack all the information needed to even make an educated or responsible comment. We purposely stay away from online groups and forums simply because it’s a breeding ground for disinformation, ignorance, ego, and smear campaigns.

As a breeder, we also have a moral and ethical obligation to our dogs, pups, and puppy families. We have a respect for those who choose to invest in us as breeders, and the pups that we place. It has been a number one priority, since day one, for us to always provide as much information as possible about the breed, so that families can make a well educated decision. We do not say things that we think people want to hear just so we can sell puppies. If someone does not like how we do things, there is no law that says they must work with us. We put links to other sites explaining industry standards in the different clubs so people can research the breed from reliable sources. We also try to explain the differences between certain controversial subject areas such as coat length and size. This means we not only discuss the million wonderful things about Malamutes, but also the things that might be challenging, controversial, and risky too. We realize that there are some very… “passionate” people out there in terms of “standards”, however, this breed has a history that many people are often unaware of, in terms of “standards” as it is written today. Bottom line, we do not want our pups to just get sold, “selling” puppies is not our goal. Educating our site visitors, families, and being fully transparent about the breed, and how we do things, is necessary. There are also some things that could end up being challenging for some people, especially for certain living situations. To not be open and honest about these different things would be negligent and unfair, not only to our babies, but to the families who are looking to bring one into their lives.

Our puppy agreement is written in a way that clearly explains everything: what we expect of our puppy families, and what they can expect of us in ALL circumstances and situations. We do not leave things “open” for interpretation or conflict, and this has proven to be extremely helpful and appreciated by our families. We make a point to get to know our families, and to continue to stay in contact. It is important for us to see our babies as they grow up, and also ensure that what we are producing is positively contributing to the breed. We take this seriously, and know that puppies are living souls who impact the lives of those who they are connected with. We will always care about the long term health and happiness of our babies, and the long term happiness of our families. These precious sentient creatures enter into this world under our love, guidance, and protection, and so it’s our deepest honor to see to it that they are blessed with qualified and loving forever homes.

We understand that there are a lot of people out there who automatically lump “all breeders” into the same category, which is unfortunate, as quality breeding programs are necessary to strengthen and maintain bloodlines and pure breeds. It is because of ethical, moral, and professional breeders, that we still have this magnificent breed in the first place.

Mountain Life on Social Media…

We recently opened a Facebook page for our dogs, but it was not by choice. We mainly use Instagram to keep our puppy families connected with us and each other. Instagram requires you to have a Facebook Page in order to utilize certain features of their app, so we decided to open one, but prefer folks connect with us via Instagram. Our Instagram is not used to promote the selling of puppies – only to share our family adventures and our love for our Malamutes, all of them, not just the pups. Now that Facebook and Instagram allow you to update both at the same time, it makes it easier and more manageable for us to post on both. You can find us on Instagram @mountain_life_malamutes (our feed is located throughout our site) and if you do not have Instagram, you can connect with us on Facebook under Mountain Life Malamutes – Thank You!