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Adventures, Plans and More!

Into 2020 and Beyond!
Mountain Life Malamutes

Adventures, Plans and More!

Momma Teyah showing her stuff

Hello! We hope anyone reading this blog post had a happy, safe, and joyous Thanksgiving with their families! We sure did, and we are SO thankful for so many things! As a family, it’s important for us to always maintain a “human” connection with anyone who takes home one of our babies, and we are very thankful at the amazing people that keep finding their way to our little corner of the internet. As we have said before in our blog, our days are numbered here at our current home, as we are looking to move to a larger property in more southern Colorado in the days ahead – however, that has not stopped us from doing tons of stuff that has really made a huge difference for us and our fur babies. We have a new fenced area that gives us a beautiful place to spend quiet time, train our babies, relax, have fun and enjoy our property. The space has been properly fitted with infrared day/night security cameras so we can monitor any wildlife or other activity closely, we have extended Kuruk’s area so he now also has a nice big 10×10 space to relax and enjoy, new gates for added security, and we are currently building new dens as well! This is why when people think breeders make “all this money”, they are sadly mistaken. The grand majority of all money we receive goes directly right back into the dogs for veterinarian care, maintenance, food, toys, updated equipment, and then indirectly via paperwork, fees, insurance, licensing – the list goes on! Only with our relatively small pack compared to some, when things are done right, it can still be very costly. However, it is a joy, pleasure, and gives our family something fun, rewarding, and exciting to do together that we truly enjoy and love.

Although we are not/have not been required to do so, as we simply have not had enough litters, we have obtained our licensing with PACFA. We can honestly say PACFA truly cares about the protection and treatment of animals. It is imperative, especially in this day and age, that animal welfare and safety remain a priority to local governing laws throughout the land. This THRILLS us to be a part of their mission, as everything we do is pretty much in compliance as it is, and we consider it an HONOR to have their seal of official approval. We also have a great relationship with our local Animal “Lover” Control heheh… some of the most sweetest and caring women we have ever met, and we really feel so blessed to have this type of protection and connection with these amazing people!

Teyah’s babies got their first introduction to snow and the “Great Wide Open” with mom over the past week, and we are thrilled to share these amazing photos with you. We captured some of the sweetest moments! This is always the bitter sweet aspect of what we do, because we know they are getting older and leaving us soon. The bond we make with these precious little souls, from the moment they are born, to the moment they leave us, is truly rewarding and undeniably difficult at the same time. We hate saying goodbye…

Things would not be complete without our Ginger King Samson and his right hand Lady Nakara! These two are undoubtedly the sweetest couple ever. They certainly know how to work together to get themselves into trouble sometimes… lol, but it’s only because of the love they have for adventure, exploration, and meeting new people. They LOVE people, despite what some might “dream up” in their heads lol. Malamutes are the sweetest dogs in the world, if they weren’t, they would not have been used for literal nannies to watch the children of the Mahlemut people, the Inuit tribe they are named after, while the others worked together to hunt, pull, and transport supplies and their people. They are the “ULTIMATE FAMILY DOG”. Like many other breeds, same sex aggression can occur, especially with intact dogs, but that is just nature doing what nature does, and instead of it being feared or frowned upon, it should just remain common knowledge, so that people can be proactive, responsible, and educated owners. There is nothing “scary” about this breed, what’s scary, is the misconceptions and ignorance of those who judge an entire breed based on dogs that have been raised by “less-than-qualified” owners – which happens way to often with many large breed dogs. The false stigma they unfairly get labeled with is nothing short of pure ignorance and is shameful.

Of course no post would be complete without our stud muffin Kuruk! Kuruk is our gorgeous agouti male, which often makes people question if he is wolf or part wolf. No, he’s not lol. Agouti Malamutes are just that, they are not part wolf, half wolf or otherwise. He is a fully registered AKC Alaskan Malamute with Agouti markings and coat color. Although intimidating to those who are not familiar with large breeds, Kuruk is a gentle giant, and absolutely ADORES people. Although all our dogs are extremely loving, friendly, and welcoming, they also are protective over each other and their family – make no mistake, and we would not have it any other way.

Our Sweet Silver Queen Kialeah is still a new momma for the most part so she has not been able to join in on any of the recent fun lately, but she will be back to her same adventurous self soon and we will post her with her babies, hopefully in the snow, in another week or so!


Kialeah is an incredible beauty, so sweet, and for sure our “Alpha” girl. She keeps the pack in check (or so she thinks so lol) and has blossomed into a responsible loving momma. She is getting a brand new den for her and her precious little ones! Nice, big, and cozy with plenty of straw – nothing but the best for our babies!


We are so thankful for having such a wonderful community of local law and code enforcement, they are the ones who maintain “logic” when others allow their preconceived opinions, misguided views, uneducated “fears”, and agenda based nonsense run rampant. Anyone who has ever had a “bad experience” with this breed are either over exaggerating or encountered a poorly treated/trained dog, which can and does happen across ALL BREEDS. Educating people so they can keep their unfounded fears in check is not always easy, as people have to actually be willing to listen to experience, logic, and facts, rather than their own “beliefs”. We see this happen to many large breed dog owners, not just with Malamutes. So when you encounter this sort of nonsense, the best defense is to know your dog, have control at all times, and be proactive and responsible. It’s not so much for others’ sake, it’s for the dogs, to protect them from “human” ignorance.

Thank you to Teller County Animal Control for their lovely visit with us! And PACFA! You guys are the best!

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