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AKC Registration

and Microchip ID, for your Peace of Mind

American Kennel Club Alaskan Malamute StandardsWith the recent slight increase of our pricing, we are now offering Limited AKC Registration for our puppies with documentation of spay/neuter. The price increase now also covers microchipping, and puppies will be microchipped prior to leaving to their new homes. The microchip ID information will be added to the signed puppy agreement, identifying the puppy, and will also be added to the AKC Limited Registration paperwork which you will then be able to use to register your puppy with the AKC. We do not pre-pay for registration at this time. There is also no additional fee for the microchipping, it is prepaid, and is included in our new standard price of $1860 (+) plus applicable Colorado sales tax of (4.4%).

We do not and will NOT support early spay/neuter simply for the sake of obtaining paperwork. We strongly encourage families to wait until your puppy is fully developed before having them spayed or neutered. We will simply have the paperwork ready for when you supply us with spay/neuter documentation – there is no reason to hurry.

Your veterinarian MUST adequately identify the puppy on their spay/neuter certification and include Microchip ID #. An original copy from the veterinarian must be sent to us for review. Once we confirm the puppy has been spay/neutered, we will release the Limited AKC registration paperwork so that you are able to register. This does not give breeding rights, but will allow you to participate in certain AKC events.

Please keep in mind, we DO NOT breed for the show ring. Our dogs are working dog lines, they are usually always larger than standard size, and often have woolly and/or long coats – just the way we like them!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us so that we can answer all your questions prior to sending in a deposit.

We hope you enjoy this new added value! Thank you!