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Alaskan Malamutes: Blue Eyes?

Alaskan Malamutes: Blue Eyes?



After witnessing a fellow breeder get unfairly attacked recently on social media about simply trying to educate their puppy families about eye color, I felt it was necessary to write a post about this. Thankfully they had many ethical, honest, experienced breeders with integrity help set the record straight.

First of all, NO. An Alaskan Malamute that is purebred will NEVER have blue eyes – period. However, when pups are born, they can have a blue/grey hue to their eyes in the first weeks of life. This is 100% natural and normal. To the left, you will see a pic of one of our red babies, about 5 weeks old. Notice the blue/grey hue to his eyes.
We mainly see this with our red babies, but the point is, it does happen, but does not last. It is not their “final” eye color. We have even had people message us in the past regarding this as it has shown in some of our Instagram photos.

Gestation in dogs is approx 63 days, and the eyes are the last thing to develop. That is why a puppy’s eyes do not open until a couple weeks after they are born – because they are still being developed. I won’t get into the scientific reasoning behind this eye color change, or why they look blue/grey when babies, because quite honestly, it’s not of importance. It’s only a very temporary situation until the puppy starts to mature, in which they usually develop a beautiful brown or amber color to their eyes.

Although it’s true that purebred malamutes will never have blue eyes as adults, it is also as equally important to know that they can have these blue/grey hues as young pups. It’s even more noticeable in the bottom photo, but this baby now has a gorgeous amber eye color.

The point is, it’s really important not to judge a breeder based on misinterpretations of facts. You will also see that some breeders will use things like this to try and discredit other breeders, because they know that many people don’t know any better. That is unfortunate, and it honestly frustrates me greatly as all that does is perpetuate disinformation and disrespects a good breeder for no reason.


So again, NO. Do NOT purchase a “Blue Eyed Malamute” as in a Malamute who is being sold as a “Blue Eye” and certainly not an older Malamute with blue eyes, as this only applies to purebred Alaskan Malamutes pups – not adults.

I hope this helps clear some confusion for anyone who may have been confused. Really, any breeder with any real experience, especially with red malamutes, should know this as fact. Thanks for reading!

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