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Carting & Training

Doing what Working Dogs Do!

Alaskan Malamutes are a working dog breed, and are not only genetically built for pulling – but live for it! It has been our goal, from DAY 1, to do more with our dogs here at Mountain Life, and so we are super excited to announce that we have our first cart, and are also in the process of building several of our own custom design. We will provide our site visitors links to resources for carts, harnesses, and share our own personal way of doing things, for those who are interested. So this is one of those pages you will want to bookmark, as it will be updated as we move along. Also, be sure to subscribe to our news blog!

Our first cart came from a fellow carter who has retired from carting. Thank you Kim! It is a cart originally from! If you are looking for a quality cart at an affordable price, is a great place to start. They had to recently increase their prices slightly, but they also have the ability to ship at lower costs, so it’s still a very reasonable investment if you are seriously looking into getting started. We are planning to get their red version as well in the near future! Click their logo below to visit their website, and no, we are not affiliated or get any form of commission for referrals.

What is also cool about these guys, is that you can also get harnesses through them that are already pre-made to work well with their carts. So, it’s a very nice “turnkey” way to get started. You can purchase lessor expensive harnesses and alter/customize them to work, so it’s just a matter of what you are willing and able to do.


We decided to start with a rigid cart, as our dogs need to learn the basics, and then graduate up to using a gangline to pull our ATV. Right now, we are focusing on training our dogs basic commands, and getting used to the idea of pulling, backing up, and maneuvering the cart successfully. We are training each dog individually, and then gradually introducing the idea of pulling together, as at team.

A very big and special thanks also goes to our dear friend Gail Partain of Windwalker Malamutes! Gail has been successfully training and working her dogs for decades, and we are very thankful to her for her guidance and support – thanks Gail!


We are very dedicated to genuinely doing what we say we do with our dogs, not just post pictures of other people doing things, or only doing something a handful of times and try to make it look like that’s our “daily routine”. Our goal is to get our team engaged in working dog activities on a regular long term basis, not only for their mental and physical health, but for ours as well! Alaskan Malamutes are an ancient breed and are happiest and at their best when given the opportunity to feel part of a team, and have a rewarding job. We owe that to them, and will always strive to enhance and enrich their lives in ways that are meaningful and long-term.

Not all of our families are looking to do carting or “working dog” activities, yet could still use some help with training…

Local Trainers we Recommend!

Looking for a trainer? We often get asked this question A LOT, so, we have been researching breeders in the Colorado Springs and Denver areas, and have found two trainers we feel very confident in referring our puppy families and site visitors to!


Denver Area: Front Range K9 Academy has been training dogs since 1990. Jennifer Himes and her wonderful team has trained over 8000 dogs, all breeds, INCLUDING Alaskan Malamutes! Jennifer even has wonderful testimonials from families who have rescued Mals from Polaris Alaskan Malamute Rescue. We highly encourage you to contact Front Range Academy if you are in the Denver area and are looking for a trainer, and one that is specifically familiar with the Malamute breed! We appreciate Jennifer taking the time to answer our questions even though she is currently recovering from the fires, and we wish her and her family the best as they get back to normal. You can contact Front Range K9 Academy at 720-839-1102, or visit their website by clicking their logo above!

Cook K9's Dog Training

Colorado Springs Area: When speaking with Jennifer Himes of Front Range Academy, we inquired about any breeder that she could recommend for our Colorado Springs area families. She referred Jim and his Cool K9’s Dog Training service. Jim is a highly reviewed trainer who offers multiple services, including pack training. We had a wonderful discussion with Jim and his training philosophy, and feel it is a perfect fit for our families. He s located in Peyton, so you might have to travel a bit, however, Jim’s experience, expertise, and results are well worth it. He has a very informative website, and we encourage you to visit it by clicking his logo above.

We will add more information about these two training services as time goes on!

Please check back soon, we will be adding more information here soon, and be sure to check us out on Instagram @mountain_life_malamutes

To be continued!!!