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In an Effort to Protect

We felt it was necessary to address the COVID 19 virus situation by offering this page for our site visitors, potential deposit holders, and puppy families in waiting. We are honoring and respecting the advice and direction of our state and local officials, and we are also following the advice of our veterinarian, PACFA, and the information provided by the CDC and WHO. Due to the fact that COVID 19 is a new virus, they suggest limiting contact not only person-to-person, but also with animals. There is some concern that COVID 19 could possibly infect dogs (animals). Our dogs are our family, and therefore they get the same consideration and protection as we do.

Please know our current deposit holders will be required to bring and wear facial masks properly covering their nose and mouths. We will provide gloves, and you will be required to spray your shoes with Lysol disinfectant spray (we will provide) before entering the puppy pen areas. We will honor the “6 foot rule” and ask that visits are kept within a one hour time-frame. Please do NOT come if you feel sick, are running a fever, or have been in contact with anyone who has either been diagnosed with COVID 19 or was showing symptoms of possible infection for at least 2 weeks after last contact.

We feel it would be negligent and selfish, as professional and responsible breeders, as well as a family, to take any unnecessary risks at this time and hope that we can count on everyone’s support and understanding. Please see the links below for information regarding COVD 19 and other sources of information. Please know these links will take you away from our site, we have no control, authority, or affiliation with any of these 3rd party sites.

Our hearts go out to all those who have already been directly impacted by this virus, and we offer our prayers and support to all of you. You can still follow us on our Instagram @mountain_life_malamutes

Thank you,

Kendra and Larz

Mountain Life Malamutes LLC