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Duckworth Dog Toy Review

Cute, But Does It Hold Up?
Duckworth Doy Toy Review

Duckworth Dog Toy Review

Here is my Duckworth Dog Toy Review! I was very hesitant to purchase the popular Duckworth dog toy, especially knowing how easily most “stuffed” toys are destroyed in a matter of minutes…but I had to give it a shot. The reviews on this toy are higher than average, and at just $8, I couldn’t resist.  I purchased Duckworth from as opposed to Amazon for one main reason… the first reason is that according to many reviews on Amazon, people were getting a fake Duckworth or a “bootleg” version which had felt pasted on eyes, was much smaller, and very poor quality than the real deal. So, instead of taking the chance of getting a fake, I purchased two on, and at just under $20, they were on their way – free ship!


Sometimes a dog’s best friend isn’t a dog at all? sometimes it’s a duck! Pups love playing with, fetching, and cuddling the Multipet Duckworth Webster Yellow Plush Filled Dog Toy. The large plush toy has a squeaker so he can tell his pup pal when he’s playing too rough and is super-soft for cuddling up next to during time-outs and night-nights.


You cannot select the color you want, so that sorta stinks, but I ended up getting a yellow one and a blue one. I gave one to our Teyah, who is much easier on toys, and then one to our Malzilla, Kialeah, who usually destroys toys at record speed without a single care in the world.


Duckworth was immediately accepted by both Teyah and Kialeah, however, Kialeah decided Duckworth needed to be disemboweled within 5 minutes. She skillfully removed the inner squeaker and 95% of the stuffing, in less than 10 minutes.


Teyah was appalled by this, as she watched Duckworth be torn apart, so she gathered up the one that was still in one piece, retreated to the bedroom, and there she snuggled with it and kept it from harms way.


I can’t say that I didn’t see this coming, I pretty much already knew that Kialeah would no doubt destroy hers, while Teyah would play nice and keep hers intact.


As far as Alaskan Malamutes goes, I can neither recommend or not recommend this toy, because it totally depends on how your Mal plays and treats his/her toys. I will tell you that the outside “shell” of Duckworth held up nicely, it was the stitching that came lose, allowing his innards to spill and his squeaker to be removed. I salvaged Duckworth by removing all his stuffing, and replacing it with a small squeaky ball and a few cloth rags, and I resealed/stitched his wounds with a higher quality thread. This seems to be holding up better than the original form in which he came. So – he is “fixable” and you can improve his durability with a few simple alterations.


I would say that Duckworth is probably MUCH better for a smaller pup, or for a less aggressive chewer/player.  At the price, you really can’t go wrong, so give it a shot, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself performing emergency surgery on this adorable stuffed toy by Multipet to save him from the dumpster.


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