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Fall 2017 Horseshoe Mt.

Adventure at 14k feet!
Fall 2017 Horseshoe Mt.

Fall 2017 Horseshoe Mt.

Fall 2017 Horseshoe Mt.: It was our precious Kialeah’s first outing! It was here that her and Akyla, our Nakara’s momma, became best buds! It was also a wonderful mom and daughter reunion. Kialeah was merely 10 weeks old when she proved herself to be quite the hiking pup! She was keeping up with the rest of the pack in ways that made us proud!

Horseshoe Mountain is almost 14k ft in elevation, and a true wonder to behold here in the Rocky Mountain outback.  Kialeah gets “extra” brownie points for doing so well, and as you can see from the photos, she made a huge impression!


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