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Happily Ever Afters

One Pup at a Time!

This is a new section that we are adding to help share some of the remarkable journeys our precious pups have taken. When our “fur kids” have babies, those babies enter into the world with us right by their side. We then watch them play, grow, and discover themselves daily. They are an integral part of our daily lives until they leave to go home with their new families. Words cannot express how much we love to watch our babies continue to transform and the smiles they bring to those lucky enough to bring them into their homes and lives.

We love to get updates, pictures, and stories so that we can continue to partake in the most special part of doing what we love!

There probably will be no specific order or way we do things here, but will simply serve as a montage of memories and updates! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! And a very special thanks to all of our extended family who provide us with these beautiful updates!

*We are slowly but surely adding photos to this page, check back often. It takes a lot of time for us to upload photos due to our internet up here. We have a TON of photos and stories to add, they just keep pouring in! Yay!


Remember this precious girl to the left? This is Suka! Originally known as “Grey Collar” girl! Kialeah and Uzi litter 2018! She is Approx 4 months old now. Her mom and dad are doing a fantastic job giving this precious girl a great life! Thank you Jeremy and Rosa for being excellent Mal parents!

Suka was actually one of my husband’s favorites of this litter  – although all of them are precious to us. Suka has an absolutely amazing coat, and we just loved her disposition and personality. Her nose filled in nice and dark, although we do miss that cute little pink spotty nose! She reminds us of her amazing momma, Kialeah, and shadows of the rest of her lineage reflect beautifully in her.

When her new family saw her for the first time, they just “knew” she was the one for them. We could not be happier for Suka to have been blessed with such loving and wonderful people to call her new family.

Suka weighs nearly 40lbs already, no doubt she will be a very big, happy girl!


Remember this “little” guy? This is Griz! Teyah 2018 litter! Griz is a gorgeous agouti boy who has the sweetest temperament, just like his momma. This litter was extremely special, Teyah gave birth to 4 absolutely amazing babies, and Griz was so special, we decided he should go to a breeder in Hartsel.

Griz gets to play with a fabulous family pack, along with one of our Kialeah’s amazing girls, also born in 2018. We are just so proud of Griz, and this entire litter!


We had the extreme pleasure of babysitting this sweet baby girl over the 2018 Holidays! This is Kaya! Formerly known as “White Collar” girl. Her new mom and dad are awesome! Kaya has a wonderful life complete with other 4 legged family members, and is one of the happiest…and BIGGEST babies ever! She is VERY much like her momma Kialeah, I can see her in Kaya SO MUCH – they are like twins!

Kaya was the largest of Kialeah’s litter in 2018, she was absolutely huge lol. One of the sweetest little dispositions in the world, but don’t worry – she can hold her own! While she was here she played hard with Samson and Kuruk, they really had a blast. It was such a pleasure to get to spend some more time with this sweet girl!

We are beyond thrilled that Kaya got such a wonderful family! Thank you Josh and Emily for doing such a great job taking care of this big beautiful girl!


Nesta is a very special girl! Named after Bob “Nesta” Marley, and blessed with an amazing family! Nesta is already no stranger to outdoor adventures and has already done what most Malamutes dream of here in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado!

When her new family came to pick out their pup, it was literally love at first sight – for all of them! They instantly connected, which makes things SO special! They knew she was the pup for them! Nesta is one of 8 girls born to our Kialeah in 2018. Nesta looks VERY much like her momma, just like several of her other litter mates. She has a beaming personality and wonderful disposition.

We can’t thank Joshua and Megan enough for giving this precious girl such a great life and forever home! You guys are truly what we hope for in each family that takes one of our babies into their lives. Thank you! We love you Nesta!

You can also follow Nesta on Instagram! @nestamute


Timber is yet another beautiful girl from Kialeah and Uzi’s 2018 litter! Timber has such a beautiful sweet face, gorgeous coat and sweet disposition. Formerly known as “Neon Green” collar girl, now Timber is living the life of a true Princess with her new family!

Timber was one of the most photogenic of the bunch, always willing and ready to strike a pose for the camera! As you can see, some things never change! HAha!!

Thank you so much Kate for giving this precious baby a wonderful home and a fabulous life! Here’s to many long and memorable years ahead!


Yogi was one of only two males born in Kialeah’s litter of 10 pups in 2018. Yogi was formerly known as “Blue Collar” boy. His new family is absolutely wonderful. They share with us updates on Yogi on a regular basis, which is something we so greatly appreciate! Yogi is a precious boy with an absolutely gorgeous coat, beautiful structure, and is looking A LOT like his momma. 

We could not be more happy with the loving family Yogi has been blessed with, his new “crew” is simply awesome. Now with his new big brother to show him the way, an absolutely gorgeous German Shepherd, Yogi is set to have some pretty amazing adventures!

You can just see the love and sweet disposition in Yogi’s eyes, such a beautiful boy! We love you Yogi! Thank you Johnson family for giving Yogi such a wonderful life and home!


Winter is one of two males born to Kialeah and Uzi, 2018 litter. Formerly known as “Lavender” collar boy. This little boy has been a stunner since day one. Much like his brother and litter mate Yogi, Lavender was blessed with a gorgeous coat, beautiful face, strong heavy bones, fabulous structure, and amazingly sweet disposition. 

We are so very proud of this handsome boy! And even happier that he got such a fabulous home! As you can see, Winter will be getting plenty of snow time and lots of outdoor adventures with his new family. We could be more happier for him!

Thank you Malicia for the update and for providing such a wonderful life and home for Winter!


This little chunk was the largest of Teyah’s litter! Full of love and spunk, we quickly fell in love with this precious boy from day one. He was the first born of Teyah’s 2018 litter and we are so very happy to see him with such a loving new family!

Yuma is a BIG boy, much like his dad and grandpa, and is growing into one beautiful sable boy! Thank you Karen, and your beautiful family, for giving this precious baby a wonderful home and life!