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Kialeah and her Daddy Colt

A Beautiful Reunion
Kialeah and Colt Reunion 2018

Kialeah and her Daddy Colt

We recently had a Father/Daughter reunion between these two very special dogs. This is Kialeah and her Dad Colt originally from Windwalker Malamutes. They had a wonderful fun day running and playing together, and also hanging out with several of their other pack mates!

Kialeah has many of her awesome dad’s traits, including his awesome and gentle spirit, gorgeous long hair coat, strong muscular body, and impressive size.

Here are some pictures taken of their reunion on Sunday April 1st, 2018!


Mountain Life Malamutes Kialeah and her daddy Colt 2018


Kialeah and Colt Reunion 2018


Kialeah Colt Reunion 2018

  • I, too, have an offspring of Colt. And yes, Colt definitely passes on his gentle spirit, beautiful-looooong-sheds-a-ton coat, and massive size. “My boy” is the runt of his litter, yet holds steady in the 115-120 pound range. His beauty stops traffic, but it’s his heart that won me over. He serves me faithfully as a medical service dog and is well behaved in every environment—to the amazement of all who encounter him. I cannot imagine my life without him.

    I will also share that the info about the breed is right-on the mark on both this site and the Snowpack Malamutes of the Rockies website. They tell it like it is. Life with a Mallie is a commitment that requires patience and treks in the snow when everyone else is snuggled up warm on the couch, but the return is so very much worth it!

    July 5, 2018at4:09 pm

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