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Kialeah and Kuruk 2019 Litter Page

2 Boys 5 Girls

Kialeah and Kuruk 2019 Litter Page

Hello! Welcome to Kialeah and Kuruk’s 2019 Litter Page! Here you will find updates on mom and pups, pictures, and other helpful information. So please bookmark this page, especially if you are a deposit holder and check back regularly. Do a hard refresh to ensure you are seeing the latest updated version of this page!

UPDATE: 11/25/2019: Hello again! Just updating with more pictures of these sweet lil chunkies! We now have color ID collars on, so we will refer to them as girl/boy plus their collar color. Some have a few extra pics than others, it’s just because they move sometimes and we get blurry shots – so bare with us, we will post more soon! They are all doing well, growing like weeds, howling, barking, walking around well, and really starting to come alive. It is always so fun to see them turn into their own unique little individual selves! I’ll be contacting everyone shortly to set up puppy pick appointment times, just know week 4 is when we do this. We will need to keep things in order of pick right, so please be sure that you check your email often and contact us if there are any changes in your schedule. Enjoy the pics! And Happy Holidays everyone!


UPDATE: 11/17/2019: Babies are all doing great! This litter has some serious color and personality, we are thrilled! See below for their one week old photo! Do a “Hard” refresh on this page, as we will slowly but surely continue to add photos of them individually here, and also be sure to follow our Instagram for additional media! We are not numbering them at this point, they will each have a colored collar placed on them when they are a bit older. This is just to show male/female at this point. Again, there are 5 girls, 2 boys. *PLEASE NOTE: If you are interested in the 2 girls we will have left after deposit holders make their picks from this litter, you must wait until all pups have been spoken for, the two additional girls will then be identified. If you want to be sure you are able to pick from either of these two females, you must submit your deposit and first payment ($1200) together. You must first message us before placing a deposit. Thank you.

Stay Tuned!  Thanks!

UPDATE: 11/09/2019: Kialeah had an incredible litter, the first being born approx 11:30pm 11/08/2019, and the rest being born over approx 5 hours into the morning of 11/09/2019. She delivered 5 beautiful girls and 2 amazing boys! These pups were larger in size at birth than her previous litter and we got a much more diverse variety of colors – even reds! We are thrilled with Kialeah and Kuruk’s first litter together, and will be pairing them up again together this Spring 2020.

Attention Deposit Holders: If you know that you will be moving forward with this litter, 2nd payments are now due. If not, you MUST let us know that you intend to move to another litter ASAP. If we do not hear from you within 7 days, we will have no choice but to transfer your deposit to another litter. We cannot hold up the process of placing our pups with qualified forever homes due to non-communication. Thanks for your understanding 🙂

Puppy picks will begin December 8th, and pups can officially go home starting January 4th! We realize many travel and go out of state/town during the Holidays, so if you need to arrange a different pickup date, just email and let us know, and we can make arrangements to hold your baby until a certain date.

Deposit holders, please be sure to review all the information that was sent to you via email regarding preparation. Securing a reputable and experienced veterinarian, risks associated with travel and the overall “transition” process, choosing a high quality diet that is required for this breed, researching/choosing a non-systemic flea and tick control method, etc. Please also be sure to read our puppy agreement again in FULL as you will be required to initial and sign this agreement at the time you pick up your baby.

Update 11/10/2019: Babies are approx 1 and a half days old now! Getting individual pictures will probably not happen until they are at least a week old. Right now they are very hard to photograph without being “huddled” with their siblings or with mom. So stay tuned! Pups grow and change VERY fast, they won’t even resemble these pictures in just a couple weeks time! We are not labeling male/female yet, but the two males are a brilliant red and a “possible” agouti, a bit hard to tell at the moment still. The females are a mix of red, seal or possibly sable, and another possible agouti. Gorgeous variety all the way round!

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