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Kialeah, from Princess to Queen

Proud, Strong and Beautiful Lady

Kialeah, from Princess to Queen

I decided to make another post on Kialeah and her amazing 2018 litter, her first litter, 10 gorgeous pups – 8 girls and 2 boys. She is such a great mom, so full of love for her babies, and has done a terrific job so far. Just 5 days after giving birth to her babies, Kialeah was so full of energy, we let her reunite with her best pal Nakara for a little R&R…or should I say muddy play! She got a nice good bath before returning to her nestling kiddos.

Nakara was thrilled to have Kialeah back as her playmate, they had a great time, even though we had to limit it to just 15 mins as Kialeah’s babies needed their mom – but it was the best 15 minutes so far of her life.

Kialeah 5 days Postpartum playing with Nakara

It is such a wonderful blessing to have this sweet girl, and to see her transform from our Silver Princess, into our Silver Queen. We honestly cannot wait to get her back out on the trails, but basking in this moment, witnessing her being all that she is now, is more than rewarding and exciting.

Momma Kialeah 2018
Gorgeous girl, beautiful momma Kialeah
Proud Beautiful Momma Kialeah
So content, so focused...
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