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Kialeah & Kuruk Summer Litter 2020

5 Beautiful Babies! 3 Boys, 2 Girls!

Kialeah & Kuruk Summer Litter 2020

Kialeah and Kuruk’s Summer Litter 2020! We originally did not think Kialeah was going to have pups this season, it was for sure a bit of a crazy time with all the COVID 19 stuff and so much happening in the world… but her and Kuruk decided to be private with their “affairs” and managed to bring 5 beautiful babies into the world! They were born the morning of Saturday June 27th, 3 beautiful boys and 2 beautiful girls.

These are some of the biggest babies Kialeah has had so far, and each one is absolutely gorgeous. We are very proud of these babies and know they will make excellent additions for our extended families!

We got backed up on males for Kialeah and Kuruk, and due to the uncertain season we just had, we want to say thank you to the deposit holders who have been patient and flexible with us. Kialeah and Kuruk will also be having a Winter 2020 litter, and so those of you who either switched or were asked to switch to Winter 2020 – your up next!

If you are a deposit holder for this litter, PLEASE bookmark this page and continue to visit for updates. If you know you will be moving forward with this litter, please know that 2nd payments are now due, payable via Google Pay. Thank you!

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