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Confident, Powerful, and Beautiful


Introducing our newest addition to the Mountain Life Malamute Pack, Kuruk! Kuruk is a gorgeous agouti boy from an absolutely amazing breeder and dear friend from the east coast. Kuruk is strikingly handsome with amazing structure and temperament – and we cannot even begin to express our pure joy in having him part of the family pack! Thick, heavy bones, built like a tank, and a stunning woolly coat. He will no doubt make an excellent contribution to the breed and our line!

We have been quite busy the past few months, so I have been a little lax on updates here, but we are getting back in the swing of things, now that Kialeah and Teyahs pups have moved onto their new forever homes.

Lots of new media coming of Nakara, Samson, and Kuruk as well as Teyah and Kialeah. We have a lot of adventures to still plan ahead and are looking forward to getting back out on the trails. The “Meet the Pack” section of our website will be updated shortly, and will soon announce our plans for 2019.

Thanks for stopping by!

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