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Major Changes Coming to our Site!

Major Changes Coming to our Site!

We cannot believe that the year 2019 is almost over and that a New Year is literally at our doorstep! We are thankful and feel more than blessed as to the new connections we have made with families who now have a piece of our hearts in their lives.

We wanted to alert you to some changes coming to our website soon! We will be migrating over to a new host, and the “look” of our site, as well as the navigation, will slightly change as a result. We are hoping to make the site easier to navigate and find what you are looking for, to make it easier for us to post important information, and to share with our site visitors.

We are also going to be offering a new payment method for anyone wishing to place a deposit or make a payment towards a puppy. This new service is Google Pay, which is a fast, secure, and easy way to send payments without fees (unless using a credit card).  PayPal will also still be an option, but this new service was suggested to us by a new puppy family, and since offering it, several have taken advantage of it. So, we feel if it helps make things easier, and reduces overhead so that we can keep our puppy pricing lower, than it only makes sense!

We will be having a price increase in 2020, this will only apply to “new” deposit holders. If you have already placed a deposit, then this will not apply to you.  The reason we are increasing our pricing is so that we can eventually have our puppies micro chipped prior to them going home, and also prepare for several upgrades we wish to do for our dogs at a new property we are looking to purchase in Southern Colorado. The increase will not be much, but it will be enough to cover the costs of micro-chipping, as well as budgeting for our pack when we move.

We will no longer be offering “shipping” anymore for our puppies. We have never flown a puppy as of yet, and feel that there is way too much risk involved placing a puppy through that type of stress, especially for companionship purposes. What we will consider, is driving our puppies either half-way or all the way, ourselves, to their new families. This of course requires a lot more planning, and our travel costs will have to be calculated and added in, but we feel it is what is in our puppies’ best interest. Flying also requires a lot more paperwork and other regulations that will just increase our stress level, as well as our costs. We do not feel the benefit is great enough to warrant this, and we also do not want to see one of our babies become injured or hurt during a unsupervised transit to their new home.

Our exact price increase has not yet been determined, but it will not be much. We will still offer amazing babies at reasonable prices, only with the added benefit of micro chipping, and still be affordable. If you have any questions, please reach out to us. You should never have to wait more than 24-48 hours to hear back from us. We will still offer a nice discount to our Military Service Members and their Families, including our Veterans. The money we make on our puppies provides our adult dogs with the proper care and maintenance they require, covers veterinarian costs, licensing and other fees, as well as enrichment of life in a safe, clean, healthy environment.

Thank you for reading our blog, we put a lot of time and effort to share with our site visitors and enjoy networking and connecting with people who understand, love, and cherish this breed as much as we do! We have made AMAZING friendships and connections with our local Animal Control, and now PACFA, and are loving every minute of it! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!


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