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Mountain Life Malamutes

Hi there! Thank you for your interest in us! We are a family pack who is properly state licensed through Colorado Dept of Agriculture (PACFA). We are honored to have quality lines from breeders throughout the country, and are very proud of the lines we are currently creating from our own efforts. We are very selective, and have excellent working relationships with the breeders we choose to work with. We have been working hard to prepare to start training our young pack for carting – so be sure to follow us on Instagram so you don’t miss the fun! Our priorities rest in how ALL our dogs are raised, treated, and maintained. We are fully committed to bringing balance and quality to their physical, mental, spiritual health and well-being – DAILY. All the pictures we post are of our own daily lives and adventures we have with our dogs. Please follow us @mountain_life_malamutes on Instagram for more photos and videos of our pack and our adventures together! If you would like to meet us and the pack in person, please contact us! We have moved to Instagram for most of our media uploads. You can find our feed located throughout the site, and it is updated daily/weekly as our internet service here allows. Thank you for your interest! We are not affiliated with “Snow Pack” Malamutes of Hartsel, CO.

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