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Bringing Our Pack to You!
Alaskan Malamute Colorado Odin Mt. Storm

Odin Mt. Storm 2021

COMING SOON! We are in the process of taking our current live feed cameras of our kennels, puppy dens, and play area, and streaming them right here on our website! We have been looking to do this for awhile, but our internet service has made it quite difficult to say the least lol… Families with deposits will be able to enjoy watching puppies interact with their siblings and mom in their dens, and those interested in us and our dogs, will be able to see them without having to come out in person. This will be especially “handy” due to COVID 19, but will also provide some extra peace of mind to those looking to work with us in the future. We are super excited, but, we know we are also up against some technical challenges with our service. We will be doing everything we can to get this up and rolling while we are in our current location, BUT we are looking to move in the very near future. Yes, we have been looking for another place to call home here in Colorado. We need more flat land so that we can better train our dogs for working dog activities such as carting and sledding.






Alaskan Malamutes of Colorado Samson Mt. Fire

Samson Mt. Fire 2021

We would have had some of this already “manifested” but due to COVID, like just about everyone else, we have been delayed. The most important thing for us, is to make sure ALL our dogs feel they have something to look forward to each day. Enrich their lives with healthy activities, all while keeping them as safe as possible. Our dogs are everything to us, and we want to proudly prove that we are not just mere words on a website, but that we actually “walk-the-talk”, and be as transparent, open, and honest about everything as possible. Breeding is not all butterflies and unicorn farts; anyone who says otherwise are simply not being honest. The average person has really no idea how much time, energy, work, focus, and even worry, that goes into what we do. We do things differently than some, but what we do, and how we do it, works for us. We would love to share more about the “day in the life a breeder” with those interested, as well as the “day in the life of a pack”. No, we don’t just breed, but it is still a 24/7, 365 day a year job keeping a pack healthy and happy – regardless. Depressed, bored, stressed, unhealthy dogs just do not produce quality pups. It is a major part that is often overlooked, and although it may not answer for everything, it plays a very important part. We are just a family with a very meaningful and tight bond with each other, and with our dogs, and have been blessed to be able to contribute to the breed.



Alaskan Malamutes of the Colorado Rockies

Pack Life 2021



We hope to get our live cam feed up and running sooner than later, but it IS coming, and we are greatly looking forward to sharing it with you!

In the meantime, we have had to reduce the amount of in-person visits, but those who do visit, must read and agree to our terms located on our “Dog Visits” page, and submit the form. You will be required to wear a mask, use hand sanitizer, social distance, and spray the bottoms of your shoes with SNiPER disinfectant. We cannot allow anyone in with the dogs or puppies, but, we have an area where you can still easily view them. Thank you for your support!

Please bookmark this page, we have a lot of goals, and this is one on our priority list! We will also be doing live streams of us training the dogs on the cart etc – lots of fun coming!