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Nakara & Samson Fall 2020 Litter

6 Beautiful Girls, 3 Handsome Boys!

Nakara & Samson Fall 2020 Litter

Hello everyone!!!

We are so happy to welcome you to Nakara and Samson’s Fall 2020 Litter Page!

This page will now serve as the “hub” for our deposit holders who will be selecting one of these precious babies to add to their family pack! Yay!


Some important dates:

  • Birthday: Dec 1st 2020
  • 4 Week Mark (Pick Date): Dec 29th 2020
  • 8 Week Mark (Ready to Leave): Jan 26 2020

Nakara delivered 6 gorgeous baby girls and 3 handsome baby boys!

And their names are…. “drum roll”….

  1. MANDO (black collar boy)
  2. Sakari (1) (pink collar girl)
  3. Sakari (2) (blue collar girl)
  4. Atka (tan collar boy)
  5. Koda (brown collar boy)
  6. Leona (purple collar girl)
  7. Charli (yellow collar girl)
  8. Freyja (red collar girl)
  9. Nynaeve (silver collar girl)

Congratulations to:

  • Bridget
  • Mercades
  • Averi
  • Glenn
  • Jason
  • Crystal
  • Dilshani
  • Max
  • Christina


12/19/2020 – Please follow us on Instagram @mountain_life_malamutes for more media! Don’t forget to tag us @mountain_life_malamutes when you post pics of your babies, this helps our other families find their littermates, GREAT friendships happen with our extended families!!! 



What’s Next?



  • Due to the fact that we are state licensed, follow mandates and CDC guidelines, and because we also want to protect our family and yours, we will be implementing COVID 19 precautions. Puppy picks can still be made in-person, only we must require masks, the use of hand sanitizer, and the 6ft rule. We will not be allowed to have visitors come inside our home, so please dress warm, and be sure to use the bathroom at a public facility before arriving. All visits, including puppy pick up day, will be done outdoors. Please keep your schedule as flexible as possible during these dates as we might have to change schedule due to inclement weather if it should become necessary. We DO NOT do “group” visits. This might take longer, but it’s safer and allows us to give families a more intimate experience, with our complete focus and individual attention.


PUPPY PICKS – All picks have officially been made! Yay! 



  • Pick up day is an exciting and emotional day for everyone involved, and so we want to be sure that this experience is one that you will remember forever. On pick up day, we will go over any final questions you may have regarding our terms and conditions of puppy ownership (Our written agreement). Anyone who wishes to be considered a “legal owner” must sign the agreement, and provide a contact number and state issued ID showing your valid address. Payment in full, including tax, must be received and cleared before we release pups. Puppies will have a vaccination record, medical records, Microchip registration, and a bag of other useful things for you to take home. DO NOT FORGET to register your microchip! The registration is PRE-PAID, but if you do not register it, it will be useless to you.
  • Many families wish to take their new pup to the store to go shopping and start showing them off, we totally get it!! However… it is imperative that you understand how dangerous this is until your pup has been fully vaccinated. If you wish to take your pup into a public/high traffic area, ESPECIALLY if other animals are or have been present, do NOT allow them onto the floor or anywhere they could come in contact with viruses. Dog parks are a HUGE risk, as are public rest stops and other areas prone to be in contact with other pets and animals.
  • There is a mutated strain of the deadly PARVO virus out there right now, and there is NO vaccine for it. It can live in the soil for up to 10 years. This is something you need to always consider when taking your pup out ANYWHERE. Parvo is much more deadly to pups with developing immune systems than older, healthy, vaccinated dogs – but any signs or symptoms of this virus must be IMMEDIATELY addressed if there is any hope of beating it.



  • If you have not already, now is the time to find a veterinarian who you will be working with as we require pups to be seen within 3 days of leaving to ensure that they transition well to their new environments. We STRONGLY encourage you to find a veterinarian that is familiar with this SPECIFIC breed. The Alaskan Malamute is different in many ways, and we have seen some breed specific ignorance by quite a few veterinarians, so we would just like to give our families the chance to look for the right match. We also HIGHLY encourage our families to select a veterinarian who offers the thimerosal (mercury) free rabies vaccination and understands the dangers and risks of over vaccination.
  • Now is the time to start thinking about shopping! Yay!! Will your pup mainly be indoors? Outdoors? Lots to think about! Lots to consider! Will you need a crate? If so, purchase a LARGE crate, even it if looks crazy big while they are pups – because they will grow FAST. Food? We feed Diamond Naturals Puppy Lamb, but also supplement with cooked meats, raw veggies like carrots, and fruit and berries like organic apples and frozen blueberries. We also HIGHLY suggest Nuvet Plus, which you can read more about here. We do not require Nuvet Plus in order to offer a one year genetic health guarantee, but we will extend it to two years if pups are kept on it.
  • Enclosures and fencing: It is IMPERATIVE that if you intend to have your pup in an enclosed area, such as a backyard, that you fortify your fencing and ensure that it has enough height to discourage escape attempts. If you have a large enough backyard, we suggest a Retriever style kennel that is at least 5×10 or larger, so that your pup won’t feel “caged” yet still well secured. You can place thicker wire fence material “under” the kennel to discourage digging and prevent dig outs.
  • Be sure to go through your home and start to PUPPY PROOF! Look for any toxic plants, consider switching your floor cleaner to something natural, be sure all cabinets, trash bins etc are able to be closed tight etc.
  • Flea and tick concerns?? We HIGHLY suggest NOT using systemic flea/tick killers or chemical dips on your pup! No matter what age! These chemicals are linked to cancers and other problems that are NOT worth the risk! Use a natural product such as Wondercide, and/or Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth.
  • Grooming?? We do not suggest bathing your pup but just once a year!! Spot clean the rest of the time with plain water or just brush them out with a simple slicker or rake style brush. Over bathing can cause an imbalance of oils in the skin/coat and cause skin irritation. Malamute coats naturally repel dirt, just let them dry and brush them out. DO NOT EVER SHAVE YOUR BABY. This can make them very ill and/or cause death. Their coats are critical in keeping them cool in the Summer and Warm in the Winter. They DO NOT NEED HUMAN INTERVENTION in this area. If your pup gets proper daily exercise, nails should not require too much maintenance, but you should ensure they do not become too long. Always boot up if you are going to be walking on hot asphalt or in areas where there could be broken glass. Mushers wax is excellent for preventing snowballs from forming during Winter play.
  • Please stay away from commercial pet groomers such as those found at Petco. We have had stories coming in of groomers using coat damaging furminators and also not properly rinsing coats leading to alkali burns or cross contamination of tools leading to ringworm and other skin infections. Your pup’s first coat blow will be around 6-8 months. You will see LARGE amounts of fur coming loose and you will swear they are going bald – this is NORMAL. It is called a “Coat Blow” and happens once usually every 6 months. During this time, you will want to invest in lint rollers and a powerful vacuum cleaner such as a Dyson pet model. Take them to a self-service dog grooming facility, and use the high powered “BLOWERS” to help blow the coat out.
  • Please consider NOT spaying or neutering your pup until 2 years of age. This will allow your pup to fully grow and develop before cutting off crucial hormones scientifically proven to have a direct impact on growth plates of bones. DO NOT allow anyone convince you that you are being “irresponsible” for waiting. That is an ignorance based OPINION. This will be YOUR dog, no one else’s. Your pup will be more prone to developing problems later in life if they are not able to fully mature. These problems include, but are not limited to: non-genetic hip dysplasia as well as some cancers and other developmental problems. We do very much suggest spay/neuter, but only at the appropriate and responsible times. It is not our goal to just “sell” a puppy, it is our goal to see all our babies live healthy and fulfilling lives and our families have the least amount of risk of health problems as possible, for the entire lifetime of your pup.


We will be able to go over all these things and more on pick up day. Thank you!


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