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NuVet Plus!

Keep your Puppy and Older Dogs Protected!

Hello! We are so happy you decided to learn more about NuVet Plus and NuJoint! We are pleased to announce that all our adult Alaskan Malamutes are on this revolutionary supplement, and starting this year, we intend to start all of our puppies on NuVet Plus before leaving to their new homes. We believe in this supplement very much and highly recommend our extended families to continue it once they leave our care.

Everything begins with the immune system, and when you properly develop and maintain a strong and healthy immune system, the positive long term health benefits are very apparent. NuVet is one of the only supplements made specifically for dogs and cats in a human grade FDA facility. Unlike many other vitamins and supplements made for pets, NuVet is water soluble, contains no sugar or fillers, and is not produced using heat processes that essentially destroy many nutrients before it even has a chance to get to your pet! NuVet provides vitamins and antioxidants that can reduce if not completely eliminate many common ailments such as allergies, hot spots, inflammation, joint problems, arthritis, skin problems, coat problems, poor energy levels, diabetes, tumors, cataracts, heart disease, liver problems, digestive problems, premature aging – and the list goes on! Not only can NuVet help prevent many of these problems, it can also help heal current ones!

We have seen positive changes in our dogs that we attribute to the use of NuVet Plus!, and we understand how a healthy immune system is the foundation for healthy pets. When you order NuVet Plus using our code, not only are you investing in the long term health and well-being of your new puppy and/or older dog (s) you are also helping us keep our dogs on NuVet Plus. It really is a WIN-WIN situation! We do not make “money” from promoting NuVet, but it does help us keep our dogs and pups on this product. The easiest way to do this is to join their Autoship program, which reduces the cost to just $16 a month. This cost is nothing compared to what it has the potential to save you in veterinarian bills and the quality of life it can provide your new puppy. Most pet owners choose some form of supplement to give in conjunction with their dog’s traditional diet. This is usually based on common knowledge of today’s food supply being depleted of much needed nutrients that growing and developing dogs needs. There is no “kibble” in the world that contains all of the raw nutrients needed to fully support the health and developmental needs of any dog. Unfortunately a lot of pet owners do not realize the importance of this until “after” a pet starts to show signs of a weakened immune system, and then go looking for solutions after-the-fact. Either way, NuVet can provide that additional support your dog needs, and even act as a preventative measure.

It’s true, NuVet and NuJoint is NOT available to the general public without the use of a special code provided by a pet professional such as a breeder or veterinarian. Use our special code below and keep your puppy’s immune system strong and healthy! Dogs 5lbs and older get a single wafer a day, dogs under 5lbs get 1/2 wafer, so our saying is, “A wafer a day keeps the veterinarian away!” Please be sure to look over the information below, watch the videos provided, do your own research – and then be sure to come back when you are convinced this is one of the best things you could do for your puppy, older dog or cat!

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