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Our Malamutes

Not just Dogs, Not just Pets, Family

Doing what we do best, together!

All of our dogs are family dogs; we are not some “large scale breeding operation” but we do things right, and never cut corners. We have been working hard the passed year on getting a track put in to start training our dogs for carting, and by Summer 2021, we hope to be done with all our projects, so that we can start training our young pack to do what they are genetically built for, and love to do!

We love this breed, and took previous knowledge and experience and turned it into a very enjoyable and rewarding lifestyle. We are proud to say that our dogs come from some fabulous bloodlines that would not be possible without a lot of hard work and dedication throughout many generations of ethical breeding. We have a lot of respect for those who have protected these lines, and done everything in their power to maintain the integrity of the breed, while providing quality meaningful lives for ALL their dogs. Due to this strong respect and commitment, we do not offer breeding rights unless we consult with the other breeders whose lines are involved. Only those who have a strong track record of integrity, respect, honesty, and responsible breeding, is even considered.



What Kind of Set Up do We Have?

Each dog has a spacious 10×10 kennel space equipped with large wooden dens. During winter months, our dogs are given fresh straw daily, and we use a combination of food grade diatomaceous earth and wood shavings as bedding. The diatomaceous earth absorbs moisture, repels parasites and insects, absorbs odor, and helps keep our kennels dry and fresh all year round. To avoid frozen water in the winter, we have created custom heated buckets (pictured left) which we have encased in steel containers. This keeps fresh, clean, unfrozen water available to them and deters them from chewing on plastic. Their water buckets are cleaned daily and disinfected at least once a week. Poop and wet/soiled bedding is removed and replaced daily. Our dogs are NEVER tied or chained or kept inside their enclosures for extended long periods of time. They get to responsibly and safely run and play in our 13k square foot play area with plenty of grass, trees, and natural landscape to help them develop and maintain healthy minds, weight, muscle, joints and bones. We provide them with daily individual attention, tons of love, and meaningful interaction. They are fed a high quality diet, with additional food supplements such as local elk, venison, and/or bison. Occasionally our babies get nice treats like sardines, bone broth, and homemade stew (just for them).


They always have access to fresh clean Rocky Mountain water straight from our well. Although we live in a extreme rural area with abundant wildlife, our Malamutes are always secured in well kept, spacious housing at all times and closely monitored 24/7 via live Wifi video recording surveillance. Our 13k ft play yard is also video monitored and is fortified by electrical fence to deter wildlife from entering. Our outdoor housings are just a few feet away from our home’s main entrance, and is visible at all times. Our dogs are indoor dogs as well, and spend a lot of time indoors with us.

Our Times Together

Happy, Free, and Loved

We often take hikes through the Pike’s Peak region, as well as team up with some of our local “extended families” who have provided loving homes for some of our pups, and go on hikes together and do other fun outdoor activities. Our dogs are constantly socialized, trained, and worked with. We love to go on off road adventures where we can truly appreciate the wild back country of this magnificent place we call home – Colorado. We have spent a lot of time over the past couple years getting our property setup so that our dogs have the best at home, first and foremost.


It is very important to us that folks truly recognize and understand that our dogs are not just “used” to produce pups, and our dogs are not just kept outdoors in kennels. Each one of our dogs are regularly brought inside and spend quality family time indoors as well as outdoors. We are a family who collectively and genuinely appreciates the breed together, and loves to see happy pups go to good folks who have the same love, admiration, and respect for these magnificent animals as we do. We are in the process of creating a track for carting/pulling and have many future goals that we cannot wait to share!


Our Philosophies on a Couple Things…

We do not believe in keeping our dogs, or any animals, inhumanely “locked up” or “tied” for long periods of time, or without proper attention. We are NOT “those” types of people and we will never willingly or knowingly allow our dogs, or their pups, to be treated in any manner that diminishes or challenges their rights as sentient beings. Nothing is more heartbreaking than seeing a dog chained for days and weeks on end without any quality of life. It disgusts us, and we feel there is simply no excuse. Our dogs get daily exercise and playtime, they are not just kept in kennels for days or months on-end, whether they join us on a quick run to the grocery store, go for a hike, or simply enjoy our 13k square foot fenced run here at home, they always have an opportunity to expend energy, stimulate their minds, and enjoy LIFE.

Because of our strong love, commitment, and loyalty to our dogs and their best interest, they know they are deeply cared for, and as a result, are happy, healthy, confident and emotionally well-balanced. They produce beautiful offspring and we could not be more than happy with their temperaments. This is a breed that if you give 100% to them, they will give back even more.

All of our Malamutes are registered with the AKC, and have pedigrees which we are proud of. All of our dogs are registered with the county, micro-chipped, vaccinated according to governing law, and responsibly maintained. We do believe titer testing is much more responsible than over-vaccinating our dogs, so we opt for that if we feel our dogs have plenty of antibodies in their systems (from previous vaccinations) for viruses such as rabies. All ours dogs are on Nuvet, one of the most powerful immune system boosting and maintaining supplements available. Learn more about Nuvet here! We are in full compliance with all local, state and federal laws including the Colorado Department of Agriculture (PACFA) as required. We do not use any systemic flea or tick treatments, the less toxins and chemicals introduced to our dog, in our strong opinion, is best. This does not make us “holistic” nerds, it means we have enough experience and knowledge to know that these chemicals can and do create opportunities for cancers and other long term negative side-effects which we feel the trade off is simply not worth chancing – especially when there are plenty of other natural and safe alternatives that WORK.


A Word on Genetics and Certifications…

We will never argue with those who feel better about investing in pups with OFA certifications. We realize this helps give them peace of mind, and we can honestly understand the reasoning behind it. However, there is a big difference between that and “guaranteeing“ that a cleared dog will never produce a pup with genetic hip dysplasia – especially based on these certifications alone.
Unfortunately certifications do very little in terms of what MOST people want, which is a guarantee their puppies wont ever develop HD.
We do not believe that there is anything wrong with someone doing OFA certs, especially in combination with other proactive measures, or someone who feels better about investing in a pup with OFA cleared parents. We just need to make our perspective on this very clear because we realize that there are huge differences of opinion among some folks, and we are entitled to ours, just the same.  Quite simply, there is nothing that is evidence or fact based which suggests that OFA certifications alone provide any guarantee that cleared dogs will consistently produce pups that won’t ever develop HD.
This is based on documented, verifiable facts, from both the AMVA as well as veterinarians, as to why it essentially means very little in terms of guaranteeing against HD in offspring. Yes, the risk is greatly reduced when genetic HD is not prevalent in a line, or present in a breeding pair, of course – but OFA certifications do not test genetics, they only test a single dog (s) in question. It is also a very invasive process which can not only result in injury, but also often provides inaccurate results.
Breeding practices are everything. If a breeder is knowingly breeding a dog or dogs with known genetic HD or other genetic disorders, that is the real issue. A dog can be OFA certified and clear and still produce pups with HD. This is common knowledge. This is not our opinion, it is fact. It is why we wrote this section because many people will invest in a pup with cleared parents, and end up having a pup who develops HD. We get messages from folks on a regular basis with stories like these, so its clearly happening. This does not always mean a breeder is at fault due to “negligence” as unwanted things can appear in any line at any time. Pure breeds will always be more susceptible for genetic disease – there is simply no such thing as a “perfect” line that is 100% “exempt” from all risk. Unfortunately, there can and always be risks involved when it comes to genetic disease in pure breeds, and breeders will always have to contend with nature in this regard if and when it happens. As long as a breeder is not knowingly breeding dogs who have been diagnosed with a genetic disorder, and make appropriate changes to their breeding program as needed, in our opinion, that is much more proactive and responsible than just obtaining certifications. There are also still many illnesses and diseases that can show up that are not genetic at all, including cancer and hip dysplasia, but are a product of environment and lifestyle.
That is why we feel it is more practical to be honest, responsible, and to provide coverage for such things in our health agreement in the very rare case it should ever happen, make changes to our breeding program as needed, and work closely with our veterinarian to determine any issues, and educate people as to the many other factors that can also contribute to things like HD, such as early spay and neutering.
Quite simply, we feel OFA Certification is not nearly ”enough” to solely place our faith. The results are often not accurate, and it does not test genetics, it only tests the dog that is in question, not their potential offspring.
We are always open to mature debate and new information that comes from reliable sources. We are not your typical “know it all” people who are too arrogant to learn something new, but genuinely care for our dogs and the breed enough to continue research and remain humble. An open mind is crucial for any breeder, whether it’s what they do for a living or a hobbyist. We are well aware of this, and so we make ourselves available for these types of open discussions. However, we also don’t just simply “follow the crowd” or allow ourselves to be bullied into accepting ideas we do not personally subscribe to. We do our own research and we make decisions based on what we feel is best for us and our dogs – period.
We are not a large-scale breeding operation, our dogs are not just business assets. The pups we produce remain part of our extended family and we care very much about the quality of their lives. Our dogs come first, and we look for opportunities to better them and our contributions to the breed on a daily basis, and to us, that is more important than anything.
We are also not “holistic” in the sense that we turn away from all modern science. We are always open to new research and would like to see more advances in the OFA certification process. However, as it currently stands, we take responsible and ethical approaches, precautions, and work with breeders who know their lines and genetics well, and are committed to doing their best to fight against HD, and other genetic disease, in ways that actually make sense to us.

Click here to read our blog post on Why We Don’t OFA Certify Our Dogs. And please, do not think we feel this should be “everyone’s opinion or view” it’s just how we feel at this time and wish to explain why in further detail. We base ALL of our decisions on what is in the best interest of our dogs and the breed. We are constantly doing research and paying attention to the experiences of other reputable breeders, researchers, and veterinary medicine.

Hip dysplasia ? do OFA certified parents mean your puppy will have good hips?
As you know, I am a huge proponent of adopting dogs from shelters and rescues. Until the shelters are empty, it makes no sense to buy a dog from someone producing puppies. That said, we do need som?
Generations of no identity requirement for hip, heart, eyes and other canine health certifications is the worst FRAUD in the canine gene pool and could affect your dog?s health today.
2017 Update: The SICK truth behind decades of failure to require permanent I.D. on dogs tested for any health certification is the worst genetic fraud affecting dogs today!

Putting otherwise normal healthy dogs with absolutely no sign of any genetic hip disorders through exposure to radiation and evasive potentially harmful processes, just to get a “certification” that essentially means absolutely nothing – it’s just simply not something we personally feel is necessary.

Again, breeders who have any moral or ethical code will not purposely breed a dog that is diagnosed with a significant genetic disorder. There is very apparent symptoms in dogs with genetic hip dysplasia, usually by or before their first birthday. So a breeder should know whether their dogs have this genetic version of this disease long before they are bred. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a “perfect bloodline”, and testing only allows us to do so much. You would not tell a woman whose great great great grandmother died of a rare cancer that she can’t have children because that same thing “could” happen to them or their children… it just does not work that way. People who try to condemn an entire pedigree, generations of healthy dogs, simply because a single dog unfortunately ends up with cancer, is just not thinking clearly at all. There are just too many variables involved to make those types of judgments. As of right now, there is no “magic 8 ball” that can determine whether a puppy will develop a genetic disease or disorder, the OFA cannot even do this with hip dysplasia. The BEST way to REDUCE THE RISK is to get to know your breeder, ask questions – and also DO YOUR PART! Genetics is not the only thing that contributes to disorders that can cause health problems. Proper diet and nutrition, proper exercise, access to clean water and living environment, responsible vaccination (not over vaxing!), the products you decide to use, when and if you spay or neuter  – all these things and more play a huge role in the long term health of your beloved canine companion. Ethical breeders do their very best to produce healthy pups which contribute positively to the breed and their lines, and ethical owners fully invest in the long term health and well-being of their puppy (s).

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us, our philosophies and our dogs! It means a lot to us that anyone thinking of purchasing one of our babies understands who we are and what we do!

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