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Our Malamutes

Not just Dogs, Not just Pets, Family

Kialeah and Akyla Alaskan Malamutes puppies playing at Horseshoe Mountain Colorado

Our precious Alaskan Malamutes are not just “Dogs”, they are truly family, and so when we say “Pack” we literally mean, Family Pack. We provide them with tons of love, attention, and meaningful devotion. They are fed a high quality diet, with additional food supplements such as local elk, venison, and/or bison. Occasionally our babies get nice treats like sardines, bone broth, and homemade stew (just for them). They always have access to fresh clean Rocky Mountain water straight from our well. Our oversized property devotes almost an entire acre just for a full run and free play area. Although we live in a very rural area with abundant wildlife, our Malamutes are always secured in well kept, spacious housing at all times and closely monitored 24/7 via live Wifi video recording surveillance.  Their outdoor housings are just a few feet away from our home’s main entrance, and is visible at all times. Our dogs are indoor dogs as well, and spend a lot of time indoors with us. Please visit our blog for some “inside” looks into our setup, and how my husband handcrafts extraordinary dens for our babies, and how we manage and maintain our housings.

We often take hikes through the Pike’s Peak region, as well as team up with some of our local “extended families” who have provided loving homes for some of our pups, and go on hikes together and do other fun outdoor activities. Our dogs are constantly socialized, trained, and worked with. We love to go on off road adventures where we can truly appreciate the wild back country of this magnificent place we call home – Colorado.


We realize that there is a lot of opinions and “conjecture” regarding training, and although our dogs are trained to listen, we also allow them to express themselves in a natural and free spirited manner. So long as there is mutual respect, love, and trust – we are more than pleased. We believe in allowing these dogs to fully express themselves, and what may seem like obnoxious behavior to some, to us, it is just simply the individual personality and natural tendencies of the breed coming out. Our dogs know who their pack leaders are, and my husband and I make sure that our position as alphas is never questioned. This is done by positive reinforcement, and building quality relationships with our dogs. When you develop a strong relationship, this breed will do just about anything to feel it is a contributing family member.

When these dogs are trained to know when it’s time to work or do a job, they instinctively “fall into line”.  However, Malamutes are not easily “trainable” dogs outside their natural instinctive drive to pull, no matter what anyone tries to claim. They are very independent thinkers and so if you want a dog that you can train just to do silly tricks, a Malamute might not be the best choice for you. If anything, they will know that what you are asking of them is not necessary or rewarding enough. However, if you devote lots of time, patience, and energy into training, then you might be able to be successful. Mals just have a mind of their own, proud, confident, and although they may know what you are telling them to do, they know they don’t “have” to do anything. Therefore, it is crucial to develop a strong bond and respect when they are pups as they can be a bit stubborn and difficult to train for some people. Our dogs are well-behaved, have amazing temperaments, and their free spirit is what we admire and love about them in the first place.

It is very important to us that folks truly recognize and understand that our dogs are not bred just to produce pups, this is not a “business” for us, it’s a lifestyle, and our dogs are not “kennel” dogs. We are a family who fully appreciates the breed, wants to see it flourish and maintain it’s purity, legacy, as well as see healthy and happy pups go to good folks who have the same love, admiration and respect for these magnificent animals as we do. We have a small pack, and it’s growing quickly, so we have future goals to move further out to provide even a larger free roam areas for our dogs to live, play, and thrive.

We do not believe in keeping our dogs, or any animals, inhumanely “locked up” or “tied” for long periods of time, or without proper attention. We are NOT “those” types of people and we will never willingly or knowingly allow our dogs,or their pups, to be treated in any manner that diminishes or challenges their rights as sentient beings. Our dogs get daily exercise and playtime, they are not just kept in kennels for days or months on-end, whether they join us on a quick run to the grocery store, go for a hike, or simply enjoy one of our 10k square foot fenced runs here at home, they always have an opportunity to expend energy, stimulate their minds, and enjoy LIFE.

Because of our strong love, commitment, and loyalty to our dogs and their best interest, they know they are deeply cared for, and as a result, are happy, healthy, confident and emotionally well-balanced. This is a breed that if you give 100% to them, they will give back even more.

All of our Malamutes that will/are producing offspring are registered with the AKC, and have pedigrees which we are proud of. All of our dogs are registered with the county, vaccinated according to governing law, and responsibly maintained. However, we believe titer testing is much more responsible than over-vaccinating our dogs, so we opt for that if we feel our dogs have plenty of antibodies in their systems (from previous vaccinations) for viruses such as rabies. We also do not use any systemic flea or tick treatments, the less toxins and chemicals introduced to your dog, in our strong opinion, is always best. This does not make us “holistic” nerds, it means we have enough experience and knowledge to know that these chemicals can and do create opportunities for cancers and other long term negative side-effects which we feel the trade off is simply not worth chancing.

We do not willingly support anything that promotes unethical breeding practices or “puppy mill” operations. Please see our “About Us” section for more information regarding our philosophy.


A Word on Genetics and Certifications…

We will never argue with those who feel better about investing in pups with OFA certifications. We realize this helps give them peace of mind, and we can honestly understand the reasoning behind it. However, there is a big difference between that and “guaranteeing“ that a cleared dog will never produce a pup with genetic hip dysplasia – especially based on these certifications alone.
Unfortunately certifications do very little in terms of what MOST people want, a guarantee their pup wont ever develop HD.
We do not believe that there is anything wrong with someone doing OFA certs, especially in combination with other proactive measures, or someone who feels better about investing in a pup with OFA cleared parents. We just need to make our perspective on this very clear because we realize that there are huge differences of opinion among some folks, and we are entitled to ours, just the same.  Quite simply, there is nothing that is fact-based which suggests that OFA certifications provide any guarantee that cleared dogs will consistently produce pups that won’t ever develop HD.
This is based on documented, verifiable facts, from both the AMVA as well as veterinarians and the board themselves, as to why it essentially means very little in terms of guaranteeing against HD in offspring. Yes, the risk is greatly reduced when genetic HD is not prevalent in a line, of course – but OFA certifications do not test for genetics, they only test the dog (s) in question. It is also a very invasive process which can not only result in injury, but also often provides inaccurate results.
Breeding practices are everything. If a breeder is knowingly breeding a dog or dogs with known genetic HD, that is the real issue. A dog can be OFA certified and clear and still produce pups with HD. This is common knowledge. This is not our opinion, it is fact. It is why we wrote this section because many people will invest in a pup with cleared parents, and end up having a pup who develops HD. We get messages from folks on a regular basis with stories like these, so its clearly happening. Unfortunately, there can and always be risks involved when it comes to genetic disease, and breeders will always have to contend with nature in this regard.
That is why we feel it is more practical to be honest, responsible, to provide coverage for such things in our health agreement in the very rare case it should ever happen, make changes to our breeding program as needed, and work closely with our veterinarian to determine any issues, and educate people as to the many other factors that can also contribute to HD, such as early spay and neutering.
Quite simply, we feel OFA Certification is not nearly ”enough”. The results are often not accurate, and it does not test genetics, it only tests the dog that is in question, not their potential offspring.
We are always open to mature debate and new information that comes from reliable sources, we are not your typical arrogant people, but genuinely care for our dogs and the breed. An open mind is crucial for any breeder, whether it’s what they do for a living or a hobbyist, we are well aware of this, and make ourselves available for these types of open discussions. However, we simply don’t just “follow the crowd” on these things, we do our own research and we make decisions based on what we feel is best for us and our dogs.
We are not a large-scale breeding operation, our dogs our our own family dogs, and the pups we produce remain part of our extended family and we care very much about the quality of their lives. It pains me when someone just assumes that because someone does not follow the crowd, especially with legitimate reasoning backed by plenty of common knowledge and research from the very folks who write the textbooks, that they are automatically wrong, negligent, or “frauds”. This is simply bullying people into submission to appease some “larger collective group of minds” and we simply do not subscribe to such things at the expense of our own research, experience, and values. Our dogs come first, and we look for opportunities to better them and our contributions to the breed on a daily basis, and to us, that is more important than anything.
We are also not “holistic” in the sense that we turn away from all modern science. We are always open to new research and would like to see more advances in the OFA certification process. However, as it currently stands, we take responsible and ethical approaches, precautions and work with breeders who know their lines and genetics well, and are committed to doing their best to fight against HD in ways that actually make sense to us.

Click here to read our blog post on Why We Don’t OFA Certify Our Dogs.

Hip dysplasia ? do OFA certified parents mean your puppy will have good hips?
As you know, I am a huge proponent of adopting dogs from shelters and rescues. Until the shelters are empty, it makes no sense to buy a dog from someone producing puppies. That said, we do need som?
Generations of no identity requirement for hip, heart, eyes and other canine health certifications is the worst FRAUD in the canine gene pool and could affect your dog?s health today.
2017 Update: The SICK truth behind decades of failure to require permanent I.D. on dogs tested for any health certification is the worst genetic fraud affecting dogs today!

Putting otherwise normal healthy dogs with absolutely no sign of any genetic hip disorders through exposure to radiation and evasive potentially harmful processes, just to get a “certification” that essentially means absolutely nothing – it’s just simply ridiculous.

Again, breeders who have any moral or ethical code will not breed dogs known to have significant genetic disorders present and without at least divulging this information openly. As of right now, there is no “magic 8 ball” that can determine whether a puppy will develop a genetic disorder, the OFA cannot even do this. The BEST way to REDUCE THE RISK is to get to know your breeder, ask questions, read reviews – and also DO YOUR PART! Genetics are not the only thing that contributes to disorders that can cause health problems. Proper diet and nutrition, proper exercise, access to clean water and living environment, responsible vaccination (not over vaxing!)  – these things all play a huge role in the long term health of your beloved canine companion. Ethical breeders do their very best to produce healthy pups which contribute positively to the breed and their lines. There is a very unhealthy misconception that “all” breeders are “puppy mills” or people that are looking to just make a quick buck. Although these disgusting places and people do exist, it is very important to be able to know the difference.

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