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Proudly State Licensed

We are proud to be licensed through the Colorado Dept. of Agriculture PACFA program. The Pet Animal Care Facilities Act ensures the protection of animal health and well-being in facilities located throughout Colorado. This has been Colorado State law for YEARS, and compliance is mandatory. Any breeder who claims to have been breeding dogs in Colorado for any length of time, should be well familiar with the governing laws, and in full compliance. If not, it is highly suspect, and we greatly discourage anyone doing business with a breeder who feels keeping proper records, paperwork, and doing things “right” as being “too much trouble” to comply with. Although this is our home, and we have a smaller amount of dogs compared to many others, there are still multiple things that we must do to ensure the proper care and safety of our dogs and puppies. Our licensing requires us to pass annual inspections and keep proper documentation and records. It is state required for anyone who breeds 2 or more litters within a 12 month period. It is an excellent program, and it’s one we are very proud to say that we are fully compliant with, and a part of! It’s one of the things that separates backyard breeders from professionals.

To learn more about PACFA, please visit their site here: CLICK HERE (You will be taken to their official website)

Thanks PACFA! And thank you Teller County Animal Control for your help and support! 

PLEASE NOTE: We are temporarily not renewing our licensing for 2021, as we will not be having more than 2 litters this 12 month licensing period, and we are relocating out of state. Details to follow, thanks!