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Pet Insurance

Peace of Mind, Priceless

Many families who invest in a working dog breed, such as the Alaskan Malamute, often have very active outdoor lifestyles. These active lifestyles are wonderful, however, the risk of injury and illness can increase as a result. Whether its an unexpected run-in with a porcupine or other wild animal, other injuries, viruses, or even something as rare or unexpected as cancer, it’s nice to know your best friend will receive the treatment he/she will need, without costing a fortune or having to choose between their healthcare needs and other bills.

Nationwide has coverage options with plans starting as low as $37 a month. A single trip to the emergency vet can cost a fortune, and while pet insurance might not always be something our families are interested in, we do want to at least have a suggestion for those who are. Keep in mind, individual rates may vary, as well as deductibles. Another great thing to do is to contact your home or auto insurance carrier and ask if they have a pet insurance they can offer at a deeper discounted rate.

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