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Teyah Mt. Spirit – Retired

Sweet Gentle Spirit

Teyah Mt. Spirit – Retired

Teyah is a very special girl, young and fearless, full of love and a true gift to have as part of our pack. Teyah is also a warrior – strong, and loyal. She is determined to show you that she loves you, and is constantly looking for affection. This girl can run lightning fast and is extremely agile.  She is a true red mahogany beauty, an established mother, and one of the sweetest girls in the world. Teyah loves to cross her paws like a lady when seated, and she is a MAJOR cuddle queen. When I’m feeling down, Teyah is a first responder. She is very intuitive and has a huge heart who wants to show you she cares. Teyah is the first girl we have decided to retire, she is 4 years old, and her boy Odin Mt. Storm will carry on her beautiful legacy. Teyah will live out the rest of her life here with her pack, where she belongs! Long Live Teyah!


February 19, 2018


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