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Tonji Mt. Sun

Grace, Beauty, Strength

Tonji Mt. Sun

Tonji is a beautiful red and white girl who has blessed us with her unbelievably sweet temperament and disposition. Already fearless and leading the way, Tonji is a new superstar and we are thrilled to have her join us! Tonji is a co-own with Windwalker Malamutes! Co-owns are very special, it shows the bond and trust between two breeders who want to work together to better the breed. We are honored to have her and looking forward to a very bright future with this girl. She has already made her place in the pack, and is already getting very close to Samson, who we are VERY excited about having gorgeous red babies together one day. For now, Tonji is being trained for pulling and carting, and we are having a blast, and bonding more and more each and every day. All Hail Tonji Mt. Sun!


June 11, 2020


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