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Buyer Agreement

Please Read Carefully

Hello! Thanks for your interest in our Alaskan Malamutes! Interested in one of our puppies? Please know, we expect anyone interested in providing a home to one of our babies to have made sure you have looked through all of our terms and conditions, as well as considered whether or not a Malamute will be a good choice for you and your family. ANYONE who sends a deposit for a puppy is automatically agreeing to our terms, so please be sure to click on the link below and read over our agreement thoroughly.  Anyone who submits a deposit is automatically agreeing to these terms and conditions, and this agreement MUST be signed prior to taking home a puppy. If you are having your pup shipped, this document must be emailed/mailed to us prior to shipping.

NEW! Please look over this questionnaire (click here) to ensure that you are fully prepared for an Alaskan Malamute to become part of your life.

Bringing a puppy into your life is a two way street. It is not just about your life, it’s about theirs too.

Again, please know, that by submitting a deposit payment, you are agreeing to all terms within this agreement, and entering a BUYER AGREEMENT, whether signed or not. It applies automatically, to anyone purchasing one of our puppies. Our terms are non-negotiable and must be agreed to, in full, before receiving a puppy.

PLEASE NOTE: If you pay through PayPal, and request a refund through PayPal, we reserve the right to pursue legal action for damages as PayPal DOES NOT supersede our Buyer Agreement, Terms or Conditions. There are NO REFUNDS for deposits, unless in the rare circumstance we choose to refund a deposit. You need to take full responsibility in learning our policies, terms and conditions of sale, before sending your deposit.

*Click here to View and/or Download PDF  Puppy Buyer Agreement

Quick No-nonsense Facts Regarding the Purchase of Our Pups

This information is also found throughout our website, but is here for quick reference to commonly asked questions:

How much are puppies?
Puppies are $1800 USD

How can I pay for my puppy?
3 Payments for $600 each can be made to “finance” puppies – Initial deposit to reserve puppy, 2nd payment when pups are born, 3rd payment 2 weeks BEFORE taking puppy home. We can also accept $500 for initial deposit, and then 2 additional payments of $650. You may also send your payment in full. We often will start accepting deposits at the beginning of the year so that it gives people a chance to budget and finance their puppy. Initial deposit must be paid in full, however 2nd payment can be made however you want as long as it is paid in full when pups are born. 3rd and final payment has to be made in full and cleared before pups can leave.  AGAIN: All payments must be cleared, and final payment cannot be made via Paypal. They must be made by personal check, cashiers check or certified money order. We are now accepting personal checks for final payments, however puppies will not be released until final payments have fully cleared. Receipts will be given upon request, and your first name along with your picking rights will be posted on our website to confirm we have received your initial deposit.

What if I’m late with my payment?
2nd Payments are due when pups are born, and final payment is due when pups are 6 weeks. If you are unable to make your payment during these times you need to communicate with us to let us know the circumstances immediately. We cannot risk losing the opportunity to find suitable homes for our babies, and when we do not receive payments on time or proper communication, it not only jeopardizes your picking right, but also places us in a position where we might be forced to transfer your deposit to another litter. We have a long waiting list of folks who are anxiously waiting for pups, and if you know or feel you might not be able to make your payment (s) we need to know this as soon as possible. If you just need a few more days or even a week, we understand, and can work with you, but if you are unable to make your payment or do not communicate with us, after 2 weeks, your deposit will automatically be transferred to the next litter – YOUR PICK RIGHT WILL BE FORFEIT.  As long as you communicate with us, we can usually work with you, but if you ignore our messages, show no interest in working things out, or don’t uphold to an agreed upon payment arrangement, then we have no choice but to move forward with securing another home.

When can I pick out/up my puppy?
Puppy pick appointments are made in the order of deposit holder pick rights starting at 4 weeks of age. Each deposit holder will be contacted to setup a private appointment. Picks MUST be made in a timely fashion in order not to hold up the process for others. We reserve the right to determine when a deposit holder is taking too long, and to allow other deposit holders to make their picks. ALL picks must be made before the puppies reach 7 weeks of age, or that deposit holder will be moved to the next litter.  Puppies are ready to go home no sooner than 8 weeks, per Colorado State law.

What happens if I don’t see a puppy I like or not enough are born?
Deposits do NOT guarantee anything other than your right to select a puppy of your choice when a litter is born. We do not guarantee quantity, sex choices, color, or bred pairings, as it is impossible to do so. Putting a deposit down is a serious decision as it may require you to be patient and wait. We only accept as many deposits as we believe will at least provide each deposit holder with a reasonable opportunity to select a pup of their choice. We can get close on our expectations, but cannot make any guarantees. This is why we encourage visits to meet the dogs and see their lineages in person. On rare occasions, we will have our moms X-rayed to determine litter size, but this is something we don’t like to do for holistic reasons, and very rarely do. IF a particular litter is born and you are either unable to select a pup, or choose not to select a pup from that litter, your deposit/payments simply move to another litter until you receive a pup of your choice. This can sometimes mean waiting; the natural process of breeding and gestation demands time to make things happen. We are not a puppy mill, and do not operate like one.

What if I change my mind?
This is why we require anyone who is thinking of becoming a deposit holder for our litters to be 100% certain of their commitment to puppy ownership. Deposits and payments go towards the care and maintenance of our dogs. The costs associated with having a breeding pack of large breed dogs such as Alaskan Malamutes is a serious obligation. Deposits are NON-refundable, and for this reason, if we accept a deposit via PayPal and you request a refund, we will seek damages through legal action. PayPal does NOT supersede our policies or our terms of agreement with buyers – period. In rare circumstances, at our own discretion, we will refund deposits/payments. We do not offer refunds based on litter outcomes, quantity, colors or sex choice “preferences”. We can not guarantee anything until puppies are born and this is why we will work with you until you have the puppy of your choice. Sometimes this requires you to wait. We are not a puppy mill or a backyard breeder business, so we do not produce puppies constantly, and the quality of our dogs and their puppies clearly show this. Please be certain of your decision to purchase one of our puppies and read our policy above in full PRIOR to sending a deposit.

How can I get my deposit to you?
Simply use our contact form to request our mailing address for sending deposits/payments. This is our private home, and therefore we do not publicly post our address. Please note: Only the order in which deposits are RECEIVED determines pick rights. For this reason, we encourage those with sincere and genuine interest to get their deposit in as pups go VERY quickly. We will also accept deposits through PayPal with the exception of a FINAL payment. However, if you choose to use PayPal, just please remember that PayPal does NOT supersede our agreement or policies on refunds, and so if a refund is requested, we can and will seek legal damages.

How can I have my puppy shipped?
If you intend to have us ship your puppy, it is imperative that you inquire about this PRIOR to sending in a deposit. We prefer to not ship, as that is what is least stressful on the puppy, but we do realize that sometimes that option is not always feasible. Shipping pups is a pretty big task. It involves us purchasing an airline ticket, the proper shipping crate and necessary accessories, an additional trip to the veterinarian for a special document, as well as a 5 hour round trip for us to and from Denver airport. As a starting point, shipping usually runs an additional $650-$750.At times, we are also willing to travel and either meet half-way or deliver pups ourselves – but we must know in advance and prior to you sending in your deposit. Based on your location, we will determine our cost for the trip and provide a quote. These quotes will be based on a flat rate and will include mileage+gas, time, misc expense (food) and any overnight hotel stays we may incur during our trip. Sometimes this can be more cost effective than air shipping. Please know, that shipping puppies or transporting puppies must also work with our schedules as well, as we are a working family with daily and weekly obligations and routines.

Thank you for your Interest!