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Rehomes and Rescues

Because they matter, All of them

Please note: None of the dogs listed on this page belong to us. This is strictly an informational page to help those who are looking to re-home or otherwise surrender their Alaskan Malamutes. Please do not contact us directly regarding any of the dogs shown on this page. All communication regarding re-homes is to be done solely between the owner of the dogs, original breeder, and those interested. Any emails regarding any re-homes sent directly to us will not be answered unless it is to report a broken link or errors in contact information.


On occasion, we will get contacted by someone who is experiencing hardship, in one form or another, and can no longer provide a home for their Alaskan Malamute. They contact us in hopes of finding qualified re-homing opportunities so that they can feel better about surrendering their dog. Often it is folks who we do not know personally, but that does not mean we are not willing to try and help. We love the breed, regardless if they are our pups or not. We encourage folks to contact us so we can try to keep their dog from going through hell being passed around, and/or ultimately ending up in a kill shelter. This is not a poor reflection of the person surrendering their dog, it shows they are being responsible, and actually care about what happens to them. We have a lot of respect for people who contact us requesting help, and although we cannot always help find a solution, we do what we can.

Some folks have changes in their lifestyle, employment, finances, and/or health – so please do not judge. Yes, unfortunately there are also those who get a Malamute without properly researching the breed, and then find out it was not a good choice for them. Regardless of reason, what matters is finding the right home for these precious babies, not judging others.


Re-homing a malamute is NOT the same as bringing home a new pup. The older they are, the more difficult it can be, ESPECIALLY if there are already other dogs in a household. Malamutes are excellent dogs, but they can be aggressive towards each other when they feel threatened, insecure, and depressed. It is a very traumatic experience for them, and some Malmautes will require special needs or experienced care which makes re-homing a serious commitment and responsibility. In a perfect re-home situation, there will be no other dogs in the household, and the candidate will have prior experience with the breed.


First, we do not, in any way, accept any liability whatsoever for re-homes – none. These dogs are often not even familiar to us, and we have no real personal knowledge of their past unless it is shared with us by the owner who is seeking to re-home.  We act as a volunteer by placing the information on our website in hopes of connecting the owner with qualified candidates. It is the sole decision of the owner to decide who they wish to work with in the re-homing process, we do not do anything but help find potential candidates by providing the information here, and then the parties can work directly together.


We do not collect any fees, nor do we allow any owner to require a “rehoming fee” or any other form of monetary gain – this is not about money, it’s about finding a qualified forever home for the dog (s) in need. If the owner wishes to conduct a background check on a potential re-home candidate, they will be required to cover those costs themselves if they choose to use our website to find candidates. Any and all communication regarding the re-home process will be conducted SOLELY between owner and potential re-home candidate. Once a re-home has been established, we just ask the owner to please inform us so that we can remove it from our website. If the original owner or new owner would like to share their success story with us, they are more than welcome to do so! We love happy endings!!


Rules for Owners

Original breeder must be contacted and informed that you are attempting to re-home and permission must be granted. You must provide original breeder the new owner’s contact information and follow any and all procedures related to your breeder’s requirements. All original breeder contract terms and conditions MUST be adhered to, copies of original contract or amended agreement must accompany re-home (per the breeder). We have ZERO tolerance when it comes to breaching of agreements or contracts with breeders. If the dog is micro-chipped, it MUST match the identity of the one seeking to re-home the dog, otherwise, the contact associated with the microchip must be contacted first to establish the right to re-home. You must provide accurate documentation of the dogs entire health history, all veterinarian records, and provide a current health certificate ensuring the dog is in a healthy state, or identifying any known disease or illness. You must disclose any and all health related diagnoses and/or concerns. If you are having a financial hardship, often times, if a re-home candidate is genuinely interested, they might offer to help cover the costs or just accept the dog – as is. Do not think that by being honest you won’t find a qualified re-home opportunity. Many people who look for re-home/rescue opportunities are aware there could be additional veterinarian care and other expenses associated with their care or special needs. Do not condemn your dog by not being truthful and honest, give the right person a chance to help – they’re out there!


Rules for Re-home Candidates

You must answer any and all questions truthfully regarding your experience with the breed, lifestyle and living arrangements, financial situation and any other questions the owner feels is pertinent. You must agree to any and all terms set forth by the original breeder, and be willing to sign any paperwork they require. Every situation is different, but at no time should you be asked to pay any fees for a re-home. There are no “costs” associated with any of this unless it is for screening purposes, which should be covered by the owner or whoever is conducting the screening. The number one priority in a re-home is finding the Malamute a qualified, safe and loving forever home. Please understand that by not being honest, you could potentially cause harm to the dog and take on more than you are qualified or prepared to handle You must acknowledge it is strictly FORBIDDEN to accept a re-home and then attempt to sell the dog for profit or exploit the dog in any way.  Often these dogs come with contracts attached to them by the original breeder.The owner and/or original breeder holds the sole right to conduct any background checks, require a meeting, or any other screening process they wish to use. You fully understand that outside of connecting you with a potential opportunity for a re-home, Lawrence and Kendra Gilbert (the owners of this site) have ZERO obligation, liability, control, and/or responsibility associated with the process or outcome of any re-home. This page is strictly for informational purposes ONLY.

Questions to ask…

Here are some basic questions that should ALWAYS be asked by someone looking to re-home their Alaskan Malamute:

  • Are you personally experienced with the Alaskan Malamute breed – meaning, have you ever owned an Alaskan Malamute?
  • Have you ever successfully re-homed a dog before?
  • Do you rent or own your own home?
  • Do you live an active lifestyle?
  • Do you have a secured yard with dig resistant fencing?
  • Are you away from home on a regular basis – meaning how long would the dog be required to be left alone?
  • Do you have other pets in the home? If yes, what types of pets, what are their sexes, are they spay/neutered. and how old are they?
  • Do you have small children, elderly, disabled, or pregnant individuals in the home?
  • Do you have the financial means and stability to properly offer veterinarian care as needed?
  • Do you have the strength and leadership skills an Alaskan Malamute requires in order to feel secure and confident?
  • Are you willing to provide any additional professional training the dog may need to break bad habits and/or successfully rehabilitate?


Current Re-home Opportunities

*Please note: Any questions, concerns, or screening is done solely by the owners of these dogs – do not email or contact us directly regarding these dogs as they do not belong to us. This page is strictly informational. Please use the contact information provided below. Thank you.


Hello! My name is Linus! I’m looking for a new forever home!

I’m about a year old, and yep, I’m a boy! I’m a sweet boy, and might get along best with a girl dog or a home without other pets. *I’m intact (meaning not fixed). They say it’s good that I stay intact for at least 17 months so that I can develop strong healthy bones and joints, I still need those hormones so I can grow up strong and healthy!

My current owner is looking for the perfect new home for me so that she can feel good about my future, I’m sure going to miss her, so I’m going to need lots of love and support when I find my new forever home!

If you are interested in meeting me, please contact Jenine via email

*Intact dogs do not come with breeding rights








Hi! My name is Luna! I’m looking for my new forever home too!

I’m a beautiful young girl, about a year old, and would probably get along best with a boy dog or in a home without other dogs. I’m a sweet dog but will need some time and extra love and support during this time. *I’m currently intact, meaning (not fixed). My breeder loves me very much, as does my current human mom, but things changed recently and my human family wants a better situation for me. Linus is my buddy (the dog above) we grew up together and know each other well. We have the same owner, so if you are interested in providing either or both of us a forever home, please contact our owner.

Thank you!

*Intact dogs do not come with breeding rights