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Support your Local Shelter

You Never Know Whose Waiting for You

Considering a puppy? That’s wonderful! But first, please check your local shelter, and Polaris Alaskan Malamute Rescue, to see if there are any opportunities there first. You would be quite surprised at the amazing stories of mercy, love, companionship, and reward of those who have opened their hearts to dogs (and cats too of course) in these less fortunate circumstances.


They are waiting for their human angel to save them from an unknown future, and you could very well be their saving grace. Our local animal shelter often has adoptable dogs and cats available, and Polaris does as well, so all we ask is that you please just take a look or visit to see if fate has something in store for you there first.

Please know, it is EXTREMELY traumatic for dogs to experience a change of ownership, and can lead to behavioral issues that they are then unfairly blamed for. It’s often not fair, and many of these poor traumatized babies end up being deemed “unadoptable” and destroyed as a dark conclusion. Always give a re-home/rescue plenty of time to adjust to their new environment before giving up on them. Re-homes are NOT the same as investing in a new puppy, but there is something to be said of the special bond that happens between a rescue/shelter dog and those who open their hearts and homes to them.

Don’t be afraid of the shelters! Your local shelter can help you determine if you are a good match for a particular adoption opportunity. They can help you decide if you have what that particular dog or cat needs in order to a have a successful go at life again. Shelters also usually provide health screenings, microchipping, spay/neuter etc with the adoption fee. Many shelter workers are familiar with the individual personalities of the dogs they care for while they wait for their heroes to arrive, speak with them, give them a chance 🙂

As a breeder, we know the importance of doing what we do. We also know that not all options at local shelters fit the needs of those seeking canine companionship, and for those reasons, we are here. We also realize there is a lot of negativity surrounding breeders mainly due to those who operate unethically and exploit what we do for personal profit and gain. Ethical breeders will take back their babies if it does not work out, or help in the re-homing process, they also protect and strengthen pedigree lines, they breed responsibly, and properly care for and strive to produce healthy pure bred dogs for a wide variety of specific traits and abilities. They educate and properly screen their potential puppy families, not out of “Ego”, but out of genuine concern for the long term health, happiness, and life of the puppies they produce and place. They invest in their dogs in ways that many don’t realize.

Thank you for taking the time to research shelters for possible opportunities!