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Teyah Mt. Spirit Retires

Celebrating Many Contributions

Teyah Mt. Spirit Retires

Tonji (left) , Teyah (middle), and Tiberius (right)

We felt it was needed to do a post to celebrate the retirement of our beautiful baby girl, Teyah Mt. Spirit!

Teyah will forever stay with her pack here at Mountain Life, but has officially retired from our breeding program. Over the course of 3 years, Teyah has produced absolutely gorgeous babies, and proudly contributed to the breed. Her baby boy Odin, will carry on her legacy here at Mountain Life as one of our future sires. Teyah’s babies can be found on Instagram where they are proven adventurers, and have even become PTSD and Mobility service dogs for US Military Serviceman – we are VERY proud of her and the fabulous babies we have placed throughout Colorado from her amazing litters. Teyah LOVED being a mom, and is doing an excellent job raising her boy Odin. She is being trained to pull, just like the rest of the pack, to continue to allow her to lead an enriched healthy life. Teyah is 4 years old, and has blessed us in more ways than we can even count. Please join us in a giant “Huzzah” for our sweet girl Teyah, and wish her many more long and enjoyable years ahead!!

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