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Teyah and Kuruk’s 2019 Litter Page

Teyah & Kuruk

Teyah and Kuruk’s 2019 Litter Page

UPDATE: 12/2/2019: Hi everyone! For those of you following our Instagram feed, you have already seen the updates for Tala, Takanni, and Kaylee!!! Yay! Yep! Names have been picked for these three beautiful babies from their new forever families! I’m posting their latest adventures in snow pics here as well. Please remember families, these pups are STRONGLY bonded to their siblings and mom, like always. PLEASE remember to give them plenty of time to acclimate to their new environment. Keep scary noises, music, pets, and other things at a minimum and gradually ease them into their new life. They are currently used to being outdoors in temps as low as -3F. Most of you are familiar with these Arctic breeds, but just remember they do NOT do well if they are overheated or dehydrated. Please also make sure you have your veterinarian selected and a puppy well check appointment made before you pick up your baby. They are seeing our local veterinarian tomorrow for their health exams and certificates, and will be receiving their first set of shots this week. Yay! We are in the final stretch! Thank you for being patient keeping communication open, we are a family here, not a large scale “breeding business” lol, so it’s important to us that we can juggle this amazing hobby into our day-to-day lives. Please also remember, final payment must be cleared before we can let them go home. Thank you!


UPDATE 11/3/2019:
17 Days old Today! New Pictures are here!

UPDATE 10/17/2019:
 Hello! Teyah officially delivered her beautiful babies last night, 10/17/2019. She had her usual litter size, 4, but unfortunately one did not make it due to being breach and caught in her birth canal for too long. We have never lost a pup like that before, it literally broke our hearts, but we know that these things are ultimately in the Creator’s hands. Her other 3 babies are doing very well, I’ve personally contacted all deposit holders at this point, so now we are just going to be focusing on raising these 3 precious angels and getting them prepared to go to their new forever homes 🙂

Teyah and Kuruk are producing reds and possibly agouti, she did have one that looks like it could be an agouti, but this can change, it’s possible she could also be a dark sable. We will know more as they get a bit older! The male is the most difficult to get to hold still for photos lol, so we will get more photos of him soon.

More pictures to come!! These guys are only 4 days old and VERY active, hard to get good pics, but stay tuned, we will do photos every week.

Deposit holders, you will find photos and updates as they happen here on this page, so please bookmark it for future reference.

2nd payments are due when pups are born. Please remember, if you cannot make your 2nd payment on time, you will need to contact us right away and let us know if you will need to switch to another litter.

You can make second payments HERE

If you plan to make your 2nd payment through regular mail, please just let us know, that way we can be sure to keep an eye out for it – thanks!

Plenty of adorable puppy photos will be posted, and we will be contacting folks, in order of pick rights, to arrange for puppy pick visit (when pups are 4 weeks old). During puppy pick visits, please do NOT bring other pets with you as this will just stress out our moms.

Thank you so much for taking this journey with us and our Teyah, lots more fun and excitement to come! Now would be a great time to start preparing for your new baby! Lot of crucial decisions to be made, such as: Is my vet familiar with this particular breed? (yes, this matters as Malamutes are VERY different than many other breeds), where will your pup stay while you are away? Are you planning to continue him/her on the same diet? (Diamond Naturals) If not, have you researched the Malamute breed specifically and know if the food you have chosen meets their specific nutritional requirements? Please read through ALL our articles regarding the critical first week to ensure they do not become stressed out or overwhelmed, and what to look for and what to do to support them during that major transition (leaving mom, siblings, and everything they “know” to a whole new “New”).

Pups will come with their first worming, first set of shots, and we will offer microchipping (no extra charge) which will be done after you make your pick, at approx 5 weeks.

Stay Tuned!!!

Teyah, 2019, 6 weeks pregnant. Enjoying some light play in the Colorado Rocky Mountain sunshine!

We are so very proud of Kuruk, her and Teyah have a magnetic chemistry together, and we cannot wait to see their beautiful offspring!

Kuruk, 2019, Proud Daddy to Be













More photos coming of Kuruk’s first meeting with his pups!

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