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The Joy of Colorado Outdoor Life

Mountain Life Malamutes Colorado Outdoor Adventures

The Joy of Colorado Outdoor Life

Living in a natural environment like the Colorado Rockies is truly one of the greatest gifts there are, and being able to experience nature on a daily basis is truly what we live and breathe for. Colorado has an absolutely amazing diverse wildlife population, and is one of the most scenic states in the country. Huge rock formations and outcroppings, vast open plains where you can see antelope, buffalo…sorta reminds of me a certain song….   Here are just some random photos taken recently that you might enjoy!


Whether it is the local mule deer, elk, or black bear, we find that magic is everywhere when you just take the time to appreciate it and see it! Check out our other blog posts regarding great spots to check out while in Colorado, especially in the Colorado Springs and Denver areas! Some great points of interest are Helen Hunt Falls, Manitou Springs, Estes Park, Blue Lakes, and The Royal Gorge! Don’t forget to check trail regulations to see if you can bring your 4 legged besties with you!


Please note: Our Mals are never exposed to natural threats; they are always either indoors, housed securely when outdoors, or fully supervised at all times.



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