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Upcoming Litters

Happily Ever Afters, One Pup at a Time
Proud Beautiful Momma Kialeah

Thank you for your interest in our upcoming litters. Please read ALL details regarding placing deposits as well as our terms of ownership. We prefer anyone interested to request to visit and meet us and the pack first. Here we will post any available Alaskan Malamute puppies we might have, as well as information on our upcoming litters, and deposit information. It is very important to us that our site visitors know that we are not affiliated with “Snow Pack Alaskan Malamutes of the Rockies” in Hartsel. Although all breeders do things differently, it’s the professionals who are honest about who and what they are, follow the laws, respect and support one another, and legitimately uphold to higher standards. This page gets updated on a regular basis to keep current deposit holders up to date on the status of litters, as well as those looking for information on any Alaskan Malamute puppies we might have available. This page is subject to change on a daily basis. There are sometimes slight changes in expected breeding dates and “due dates” for litters as things can change throughout the year depending on our dogs and their natural cycles. Please be sure to read our policies and all related Buyer Agreement information PRIOR to sending a deposit. We do prefer all deposit holders come and meet us and the dogs first, but if that is not possible, we can always chat through email or over the phone. As always, please reach out to us if you have any questions. If you are unable to contact us through email, you can call us at 727-674-8553, however, our signal is not always strong, and we may have to call you back – so please always leave a message. Thanks!

Alaskan Malamute Puppies
Upcoming Litters: 2021

Alaskan Malamute puppies Colorado Mountain Life Malamutes

Nakara & Kuruk 2020 Litter, Male Agouti

Please be SURE to read over our written AGREEMENT PRIOR to sending a deposit. By sending a deposit, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.

PLEASE REMEMBER: We are not a “store” location, this is our home, so you must contact us in advance to arrange for a time to visit if you would like to do so. You can call us at 727-674-8553, but messaging us through our contact form here on our website is usually the fastest and most reliable way to reach us. If you have not come out yet to visit, you may arrange a visit to meet with us and the dogs by using our contact form here. We highly encourage anyone who has never owned an Alaskan Malamute before to come out and experience the breed first. This is extremely important as our goal is to only place our Alaskan Malamutes puppies with qualified and loving forever homes. Please be sure to read through our blog, and other sections of our site, and send us any questions you may have prior to placing your deposit. We just want to be sure that you are aware of this breed’s potential size, as well as unique needs, so that you can make an educated decision.

Below you will find details about our exciting 2021 litters!


Thank you for interest!


We are all Filled up on Deposits!
Thank you to our New Extended Puppy Families!


Mountain Life’s Kialeah, Kuruk and Odin


Tiberius says, “Play hard, each and every day, even if it means you get wet and dirty right after being groomed!”

Alaskan Malamute puppies Colorado Mountain Life Malamutes

Odin, Tonji, and Tiberius Off-Leash Recall Training

We are not accepting new deposits at this time, we are full and taking a break – thank you! We are making some changes soon with how we accept deposits which will help reduce our “paperwork” and make things easier for us to manage. We are planning to move to a new location in the future, and want to make the transition easier and more efficient. Current deposit holders will be contacted directly with additional information as needed. 

Due to the unprofessionalism of a “highly competitive” local breeder, who has been supposedly “disabled” for years, yet at the same time, also claims to “work” and properly care for a breeding pack of large breed dogs, and who regularly hikes at 12k+ feet in rough terrain, off roads, etc… likes to place misleading content and statements on their site trying to poke at other breeders – we think it might be important to note a few things ourselves. First, we do not now, nor have we ever, “lived” off our dogs, something that would literally be impossible with the few litters we actually produce, and the amount of overhead a properly operated breeding program actually requires. We have full time income other than puppies, none of which is from “disability”, and we sure the heck don’t claim to be disabled while also claiming to work and properly care for a pack of large breed working dogs, which require physically demanding daily work and maintenance. This person has basically nothing to PERSONALLY show for over 15 years with the breed, yet posts misleading photographs, trying to take credit for things other people are doing, not themselves, and using that to try and put other breeders down. There is no requirement that any breeder must “work” their dogs, many very reputable breeders don’t, but when someone uses it as a tool to make misleading claims or look more desirable to those looking for a puppy, that is called deceptive advertising. We don’t claim to do anything we don’t actually do to mislead people, and neither would any other reputable breeder.  We spend an immense amount of quality time with our dogs – all of them, and it shows. We also properly and legally report sales, keep proper licensing as needed, follow local, state, and federal laws in regards to collecting and paying sales tax, and properly report all sales and expenses each year with a licensed CPA. If and when there is any “profit”, appropriate taxes are paid, and the rest goes right back into supporting our dogs, and EVERYTHING is accounted for – Can they say this?

There is also a HUGE difference between breeding dogs too young or unhealthy dogs, back to back without proper veterinarian care, until they are too old to breed anymore – something this breeder is VERY familiar with, and breeding healthy happy dogs, starting at an appropriate age, giving breaks as needed, and retiring them at an early age of 4-5 years. This breeder has produced a puppy out of their own bloodlines without eyeballs, yet slams other breeders and their lines when they don’t get what they want from them. It is pretty sad when someone who supposedly knows the “science” of breeding healthy dogs, yet is more interested in trying to exploit the ignorance of those who don’t in an effort to try and “gain credibility”.  We do not believe in telling people what they want to hear just to sell puppies. This person has also operated as a breeder in the state of Colorado for YEARS, exceeding the number of allowable litters multiple times, without proper licensing. Laws and regulations are not “optional” for any breeder. It is not our fault this person has done things to discredit themselves, we didn’t burn their bridges – they did. It is sad when someone would rather make targets out of people, instead of friends or colleagues – it’s a loss for everyone involved. They apparently seem to have nothing better to do lately than to spread disinfo and arrogantly assume no one knows, or will find out, the truth about THEM. We are personally tired of being such a major part of their “focus”, and so until they stop their nonsense, we will continue to respond to it, and expose the truth. We were perfectly content with keeping our experiences with this person to ourselves, never once publicly mentioned none of the dozens of incriminating things we personally witnessed and know, but they have made that impossible for us, and other breeders, with their lack of professionalism and constant unwarranted attacks. So, if it continues, we will be taking further steps. This is the last thing we will post in regards to the massive lack of integrity, dishonesty, and manipulation coming from this person. It is beneath us to entertain this person and their constant need for drama and attention, and we are not the only breeder who has had to put this type of statement out in response to their nonsense. Multiple breeders are now discussing how to handle this person if they do not cease and desist. We apologize to our site visitors for even having to see it, it’s truly ridiculous, embarrassing, and a waste of time and resources. 

Please remember, we can never guarantee quantity, colors or sexes until they are born! We ALWAYS reserve the right, as the breeder, to select a puppy from a litter we are interested in keeping to add to our breeding program. Our needs as the breeder is always priority, as we have to always be thinking of the future. Picks are only offered on puppies that we make available for puppy families. If a deposit holder from a previous litter is “bumped” or otherwise unable to select a puppy due to something that happens with a breeding, they will be given priority pick in the next litter, as they have had their deposit in the longest. We go in order in which we receive deposits FIRST, and then, in order of pick right. However, if someone voluntarily switches to a different litter by “choice”, they then forfeit their place in line, and are not given priority, but are in line after those who already placed deposits on that particular litter. We do things FAIRLY, which sometimes requires us to make changes, but things always work out, and our families are always pleased with the outcome. By placing a deposit, you understand that this is a natural process, that things can change, and agree to remain patient, flexible, and understanding. If you want a specific color or sex, you may have to wait for another litter to be born or be flexible in your preferences depending on your pick right and place in line. We hope this clearly explains how we handle deposits, please be sure to read our puppy agreement (PDF Doc) under “Puppy Agreement” which clearly explains all of our terms and conditions.

If you are a deposit holder, and do not see your name or something “off” with pick info, PLEASE MESSAGE US. Sometimes we make errors, and sometimes we have issues with internet that causes mistakes in updating the page. Please always message us to confirm! Thank you for your interest in our Alaskan Malamute puppies!

View our Instagram feed below for more photos!

Kialeah & Tiberius

This is Kialeah’s next planned breeding. Timeframe has changed a little due to natural changes in her cycle.

We are no longer accepting deposits at this time! Thanks!


  • Andrew and Hannah (Male/Female)
  • C Terral (Male)
  • Whitney Petit (Male)
  • E. Schwab (Male)
  • Mari (Male/Female)

 Priority Waitlist

  • Alison M

Kialeah & Kuruk litter 2019

View our Instagram feed below for more photos!

Nakara & *Kuruk Summer 2021

We are now Closed for Deposits! Thank you!

*We have officially decided to have Kuruk sire Nakara’s Summer 2021 litter – thank you! We will be taking a break after this litter as we are planning to relocate!
More details to follow, please message with any questions. Thanks!

  • M Burek (Female)
  • Misty (Male)
  • M Cox (Male)
  • Luke S (Male)

Nakara showing her babies how to handle the terrain 🙂

We are planning for a very special 1st time breeding with our Odin and Tonji sometime early 2022

This breeding is a CO-OWN breeding, LIMITED availability.

  • Brittny B – (Male)



Tala, Teyah and Kuruk litter 2019, enjoying the day with her awesome forever family in the blissful Colorado Rockies <3

You are making this deposit in Good Faith that you are reserving a puppy. Pick rights are for puppies that we select for puppy picks, and should never be assumed is based on the “entire litter”. There are multiple reasons not all pups will be available for picks. Deposits guarantee that we have a future qualified forever home for one of our babies. Be SURE of your decision prior to sending a deposit – there are absolutely NO REFUNDS for deposits or payments. You must thoroughly read and accept our written puppy agreement, which are the terms of sale. Deposits/payments go towards the care and maintenance of the dogs and costs associated with our breeding program. If possible, please arrange a visit with us so you can come out and meet with us and the dogs. We are always available for you to ask questions and to guide you in your decision. Your deposit (s) will never be “forfeit” – if ever a litter does not work out (no matter what reason) your deposit simply moves to another litter. PayPal and/or Google Pay does NOT supersede this agreement! If you request a refund through PayPal or Google Pay, and are refunded outside of this BUYER AGREEMENT, you will be liable for damages and court costs associated with collection. Mountain Life Malamutes LLC (the breeder) always holds the right to make first puppy pick in any litter for the purposes of maintaining and continuing pedigree lines. Litter timeframes are estimates, not guarantees. Puppies are $1860 (Plus applicable sales tax of 4.4%) which can be made in 3 installments of $620 (final payment must include taxes) Click Here for more Info. We hold the sole right to return a deposit if we feel it is not in the best interest of our puppies and/or the individual (s) who placed a deposit.


If you are mailing a check, please do NOT wait too long, as we accept deposits on a first come, first serve, basis. When we meet a family in person, and we decide that it is a good match, please keep in mind, we see multiple families and have no control over when we receive those deposits. If we receive a payment through regular USPS mail “after” we have already accepted the maximum deposits for a certain litter, we will give you the options of either returning the check, placing your deposit on another litter, or placing your deposit on the waiting list for possible additional puppies born (which often happens).

We do not hold deposit spots open on “verbals” because that would not be fair to others, and makes things very difficult for us to manage. Please also be sure to FULLY READ our AGREEMENT which must be agreed to in order to purchase one of our puppies. Thank you.

We Accept Google Pay! Fast, Easy, Secure! You just need a Gmail Address!

Send Deposit/Payment to

Please NOTE: You will need to download the new Google Pay app in order to use this service. If you do not wish to use Google Pay, we will need to request deposits/payments to be made via personal check or money order made payable to Mountain Life Malamutes LLC – please message for more information regarding mailing. In an effort to reduce workload, we prefer to keep all electronic payments with a single payment gateway. Thank you for your understanding!

Always include with your deposit/payments: Your name, payment number (1st deposit payment, 2nd payment etc) Litter and Sex preference, and/or other identifying comments. This helps us stay organized and confirms/clarifies things to help reduce miscommunication. Please do not forget that you must include applicable Colorado State Sales tax of 4.4% with your final payment! Thanks!

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