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Upcoming Litters

Happily Ever Afters, One Pup at a Time

Welcome to our Alaskan Malamute Puppy Upcoming Litters page! Here we will post any available puppies we might have, as well as information on our upcoming litters, and deposit information. This page gets updated on a regular basis to keep current deposit holders up to date on the status of litters, as well as those looking for information on any pups we might have available. This page is subject to change on a daily basis. There are sometimes slight changes in expected breeding dates and “due dates” for litters as things can change throughout the year depending on our dogs and their natural cycles. Please be sure to read our policies and all related Buyer Agreement information PRIOR to sending a deposit, and as always, please reach out to us if you have any questions. Thanks!

Upcoming Litters: 2019 – 2020

Nesta, Female, 2018 Kialeah and Uzi

Thanks for visiting our upcoming litters page! Please be SURE to read over our AGREEMENT PRIOR to sending a deposit.

This upcoming year is very exciting as we have introduced two new males to our pack, Samson and Kuruk! You can learn more about these two spectacular boys in our “Meet the Pack” section.

If you have not come out yet to visit, you may arrange a visit to meet with us and the dogs by using our contact form here. We highly encourage anyone who has never owned a Malamute before to come out and experience the breed first. This is extremely important as our goal is to only place pups with qualified and loving forever homes. Please be sure to read through our blog and send us any questions you may have prior to placing your deposit. We just want to be sure that you are aware of this breed’s potential size, as well as unique needs, so that you can make an educated decision.

Below you will find details about our exciting 2019 and 2020 litters!


Thank you for interest!


Tentative Pairings for Summer/Fall and Winter 2019
Now accepting deposits for Spring 2020


Kuruk Mountain Thunder 2019


  • Kialeah and Kuruk 2019 Fall/Winter (Deposit spots filled/Additional Pups could be available)
  • Kialeah and Kuruk 2020 Spring (Now Accepting Deposits)
  • Teyah and Kuruk 2019 Fall/Winter (Deposit spots filled)
  • Teyah and Samson 2020 Spring (Now Accepting Deposits)
  • Nakara and Kuruk 2019 Fall/Winter (Still accepting deposits)
  • Nakara and Samson 2020 Spring (Now Accepting Deposits)

We are still accepting deposits for 2019 litters and are now accepting deposits for Spring 2020. We usually start accepting deposits well in advance for multiple reasons; first it helps people budget easier, 2nd it helps us cover costs associated with the maintenance and care of our pack, preparing our girls for motherhood, and most importantly, it ensures that we have qualified individuals waiting to provide FOREVER HOMES for our babies. We will NOT do a breeding if we feel we cannot properly place each and every pup. Our girls had amazing 2018 litters, Kialeah delivered 10 gorgeous healthy babies, and Teyah had 4 gorgeous healthy babies.

*It’s official, Kuruk has proven that he was ready, and fully capable of breeding this year with Teyah! We originally planned for Teyah and Samson, but the chemistry between Teyah and Kuruk was just amazing and could not be ignored. It is possible that we will see reds and agouti from these two, as they both carry strong red and agouti genes. Please remember, we can never guarantee quantity, colors or sexes until they are born! Samson might not get his glory day until next breeding season, but that’s okay, everything happens as it should, and we allow our dogs to do things naturally as we feel this produces the best pups! Kuruk will also be siring Kialeah and Nakara’s litters this year.

Kialeah & Kuruk! It’s Official! Puppies on the way! Due Nov 7th 2019

Current 2019 Deposit Holders for Kialeah

Kialeah Silver Queen 2019

Kialeah 2019 Litter deposits FILLED
Please note:
Additional Pups are only offered to qualified individuals after all deposit holders have made their picks.

  • Kialeah – Kim Wheeler (First Pick) F
  • Kialeah – Andrew F (First Pick) M
  • Kialeah – John T (2nd Pick) M
  • Kialeah – Jaclyn T (3rd Pick) M/F
  • Kialeah – Mitch D (4th pick) M
  • Kialeah – Stephen & Ashley S (Additional Pups pick) M





Teyah & Kuruk! It’s Official! Puppies on the Way! Due Oct 11th 2019

Teyah Mountain Life Malamutes Alaskan Malamutes of Colorado Rocky Mountains

Teyah, Our Sweet Gentle Spirit

Current 2019 Deposit Holders for Teyah

Teyah 2019 Litter deposits
Please note: Additional Pups are only offered to qualified individuals after all deposit holders have made their picks.

  • Teyah – Kim & Kyl Female (First pick)
  • Teyah – Jordan & Candace Male (First pick) *Might also move to another litter
  • Teyah – Ryan E Female (2nd)
  • Teyah – Anthony M

Nakara & Kuruk

Nakara, Our Arctic Warrior

Current 2019 Deposit Holders for Nakara

Nakara 2019 Litter deposits – New Openings!
Please note:
Additional Pups are only offered to qualified individuals after all deposit holders have made their picks.


  • Nakara – Jordan Female (1st pick)
  • Nakara – J & C Male (1st pick)

*This will be Nakara’s first litter, so we are only accepting 4-5 initial deposits. It is very possible her litter will be larger, her mom’s first litter was 10, but until we know what she is capable of her first time, we are limiting deposits. If things do not work out with her breeding this Summer/Fall, deposit holders will have the option of picking from another litter, or waiting until Nakara’s next breeding time in 2020.

Spring 2020 Litters

If you are interested in placing a deposit for our Spring 2020 litters, please email with any questions first, and be sure you read over the information regarding our process, and our AGREEMENT. Our girls are pretty synced up, and their Spring 2020 litters will all be born around April/May. Please see above for information on tentative pairings/breedings. We do prefer to meet new deposit holders in person, and for you to meet us and the dogs as well as see for yourself how we do things. As of 8/29/2019 we are completely open for deposits for Spring 2020 – so now is a great chance to get high up on the pick list!

ATTENTION DEPOSIT HOLDERS: Please double check and make sure that you are not missing emails from us @mountainlifemalamutes. Depending on which email service you use, we could end up in your spam, or in another folder. We just want to be sure that you are getting all of our correspondence. Also, we have intermittent issues with our internet service up here. We guarentee that we will NEVER take more than 24-48 hours to respond to your inquiries. If you have not heard back from us, PLEASE resend your message. Thank you so much!

Please bookmark this page and visit back regularly for updates. You can also message us and we will send you an email when we have new information available regarding available pups and upcoming litters. Thanks so much for your interest in our beautiful babies and our awesome adventures together!


*You will be directed to secure PayPal payment gateway.
Please be sure you specify which litter and sex you prefer.


Be SURE of your decision prior to sending a deposit – there are absolutely NO REFUNDS for deposits as this money goes towards the care and maintenance of the dogs. Your deposit (s) will never be “forfeit” – if ever a litter does not work out (no matter what reason) your deposit simply moves to another litter – you will never”lose” your investment. PayPal does NOT supersede this agreement! If you request a refund through PayPal, and are refunded outside of this BUYER AGREEMENT, you will be liable for damages and court costs associated with collection. The total price for puppies is $1800 USD, which can be made in 3 payments of $600 Click Here for more Info.

If you are mailing a check, please do NOT wait too long, as we accept deposits on a first come, first serve, basis. If we receive a payment through regular USPS mail “after” we have already accepted the maximum deposits for a certain litter, we will give you the options of either returning the check, placing your deposit on another litter, or placing your deposit on the waiting list for possible additional puppies born (which often happens).

We do not hold deposit spots open on “verbals” because that would not be fair to others, and makes things very difficult for us to manage. Please also be sure to FULLY READ our AGREEMENT which must be agreed to in order to purchase one of our puppies. Thank you.