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About Visits

We would Love to Meet You!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the situation involving COVID 19, even though this is our private home, we still have to ask that anyone coming to meet us to please wear a protective face mask or adequate covering. Thank you for your understanding and support during these challenging and unprecedented times.


Please know that we are not a “store location”, this is our private home. We have weekly personal schedules as well as “good” days and “not-so-good” days for visitors. Visits must be convenient for us and also done by appointment only. For this reason, we do not give our address publicly on this website.

We are located conveniently off of Highway 24 between Divide, Colorado and Florissant, Colorado, in Teller County. Our property is gated and monitored for trespassing at all times. Please do not attempt to visit our home without making prior arrangements. After making an appointment, you will be expected, and the gate will be open.

We live off a dirt/gravel road, and our driveway is steep and may not be easily accessible, especially during inclement weather, for all vehicle types. If this is the case, you can also park your vehicle at the bottom of the drive, and simply walk up. Our dogs are properly secured at all times, so please do not feel intimidated coming onto our property, so long as we are aware of your appointment.

Please know, we are not liable for any injury or loss to our guests, so be sure that you are fully aware of these risks when coming onto our property. You must fully acknowledge and accept that we will not be held accountable or responsible for anything during or as a result of your visit before we can make an appointment with you. We ONLY allow visits based on these written and posted terms. We do not suggest bringing anyone who is disabled or unable to keep good footing as our terrain is extremely rocky and uneven. There are times when there is snow and ice on our property which can pose risks for falls. When you enter onto our property, you enter at YOUR OWN RISK. Our dogs will be locked up at all times during visits, please do not ask us to let them out as they are very powerful and get excited. Moms with pups are very protective over their young, which is a normal natural response to “strangers” entering onto their turf. This has nothing to do with temperament, it’s mother nature doing it’s job.  Their enclosures will allow you plenty of opportunity to view and interact with our Mals. These dogs are more than just a breeding program, they are also our family, and their safety and well being is our priority.

All visitors are required to apply Lysol to tops and bottoms of shoes and hand sanitizer before touching or interacting with puppies. In certain cases and certain times, we may even require you to wear provided sanitary booties over your shoes. We often have young dogs and/or puppies who have not received all of their vaccinations yet and we are very protective of their health and well-being. Please do not feel offended or take it “personal” – it’s what responsible breeders who are invested in their animals do, and we know that even the cleanest person can be carrying parasites and/or pathogens that can adversely affect the health of our animals. Do NOT come if you know you have a communicable (infectious) disease or illness (please see our COVID 19 page here).

DO NOT bring your own dogs or other animals with you when visiting, even if you intend to leave them in your car. This can cause distraction and “excitement” with our dogs, as well as subject our young pups to anything that could compromise their immature immune systems. DO NOT request to visit if you have been near ANY dog that has been infected with PARVO! You risk the life and well-being of our entire pack! Visits will be contained outside of the actual living/dwelling areas of our dogs, for their safety. Please know that we reserve the right to revoke your right to enter onto our property if we feel that you pose any threat or risk to the safety and well-being of our animals, family members, or property. We expect visitors to have respect at all times, and realize you are visiting a PRIVATE HOME, not a store or “public” place. Do not come under the influence of any drug or alcohol. Please know, specific permission must be granted for each and every single visit. At no time do we expressly give permission for anyone to enter onto our property without a specific appointment day and time. Our entire property is under 24/7 video surveillance, and any recorded footage can and will be used, if needed, in any situation involving a crime or event which violates our rules, policies, rights, privacy, or safety as evidence in a court of law.

If you intend to bring small children, please be aware that our dogs are a large breed and can be intimidating. We ask that you please keep your children close to you, and to watch their behavior and encourage respect for our dogs. We have a large property that often has wildlife present, and for this reason, we cannot allow children to wonder freely or away from parental supervision.

Directions will be given in our reply back to confirm your visit. 1st time adult dog visits are scheduled usually on weekends, late morning – early afternoon. Due to personal schedules, we must ask that all visits remain in a “one hourish” time frame. Please make sure you fully read the liability waiver and check mark the box before submitting the form. The “submit” button is very dark, just click on it and it will submit the form. Thanks!

Puppy Visits for Deposit Holders

Deposit holder puppy visits are welcomed starting at 6 weeks of age, and “Picks” are done by appointment only, in order of deposit holder level. For instance, deposit holders with 1st pick rights for male/female will be made first, 2nd pick appointments made next, and so on. We do not do “group” appointments for puppy picks as we wish to make your experience personable, and without pressure or distraction. Only “available” pups will be shown. Due to the nature of immature immune systems in young pups, there will always been extreme precautions taken to avoid pathogens or germs from infecting our litters. We cannot risk the health and well-being of puppies that others have invested in, so please know that we expect 100% cooperation and patience during this process from all deposit holders.  Please know, we cannot hold up the pick process if you are unable to pick in person. We can assist you by showing pictures of available pups if you are not able to personally come and pick out your pup – we will gladly work with you to ensure you get a puppy of your choice.

Please know all the same terms apply to puppy visits as they do adult dog visits as outlined above.

Please use the form below to request a Visit Appointment