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For Safe, Natural & Effective Pest Control

Our puppy families often ask us about natural products that are safe and effective for flea and tick control. Although we have always personally used food grade diatomaceous earth in combination with our own essential oil “cocktails” to repel fleas and ticks, it’s always really nice to find products that can compliment an eco friendly and natural environment for you and your family pack. We have recently become familiar with a great product that we would love to share with our families – meet Wondercide! Wondercide has a wonderful variety of products to try including indoor and outdoor sprays, yard treatments, wipes and more! We are not affiliated with Wondercide, but we really love the products and wanted to share them with you! You can also view our other post here on how to use Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for safe, effective, and natural pest/parasite control.

You can find all of Wondercide’s awesome products at