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Worming Your Dogs Naturally

With Diatomaceous Earth!
Worming Your Dogs Naturally Mountain Life Malamutes

Worming Your Dogs Naturally

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Worming Your Dogs Naturally: Coming from an alternative health background, it is just instinctual for us to want to pursue natural treatments for our animals and stay away from as many chemical laden products as possible. We all know, that even though these medications work, they can also cause side effects as well as long-term issues associated with toxicity. Worming is one of those things that is an unavoidable necessity with dogs – period. Puppies must be wormed, adult dogs also go through periods where they may also need additional worming.

So why not try a natural, affordable, and safe alternative? Something that works well with your animals natural processes and effectively eliminates everything from roundworms, hookworms to whip worms – and even can treat worms that have invaded the lungs.

This miracle product for worming your dogs naturally is known as Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth or “DE”. This product is a white powdery substance which is made up of powdered fossilized remains of ancient phytoplankton and is 85% silica. It acts as an internal scrubber and sponge which destroys parasites, and has many other health benefits such as helping in the strengthening and healing of ligaments and bones, and even boosting the immune system. It can also be highly effective as a natural insecticide for flea and tick control on pets, as well as keeping your garden free of nasty critters! (Just be sure you place DE in areas that won’t come in contact with pollinators). Does it work over night? No, it takes 30 days or more in order for it to “mechanically” destroy parasites, and will not eliminate everything.

For worming your dogs naturally, it’s easy, just dust their dry food with about 1 tsp or sprinkle onto wet food and stir it in. It virtually has no taste, and our dogs don’t seem to care at all that it’s on their food.


I personally take this product myself, about 1.5 tsp in a glass of water every morning. I find that it helps to flush out my system and gets me well prepared to handle the day. Due to DE’s absorbent properties, it is excellent to take as an additional precaution when exposed to chemicals or ingestion of something harmful. This non-toxic miracle product is also known to help aid in boosting metabolism (including weight-loss), produce beautiful nails, skin, teeth, and hair, maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol, water filtration, and overall as a powerful detox for environmental toxins including heavy metals.

There are some different opinions on dosage, but I find that 1 tsp is a good starting point and seems to be the most common. If you are dealing with a pet that has a parasitical infestation, it is suggested by most that you use it for 30 days straight in order to also kill off any hatching eggs. You will see their bowel movements improve within just a few days, but do not stop giving it to your pet until you complete the entire 30 day cycle. There are no reported side-effects on humans or animals and is deemed 100% safe and non-toxic to use on a regular basis! Caution should be taken to ensure that you or your pets do not breathe in the powder, always apply to food and let sit and attach to the surface before giving them to eat. The powder, when airborne, can stay suspended in the air and should never be breathed in. ALWAYS use in a well ventilated area.


You can also dust your dog’s kennel area to keep unwanted insects such as fleas, ticks, flies, spiders, and even mosquitoes from wanting to enter their sacred space. Dust DE around the outside of your home to reduce flies and other nasty invaders!


For some additional information on the many benefits and uses of DE, check out these videos and other trustworthy sites!


The Most Versatile Detoxifier Around
Looking for a versatile detoxifier and disinfectant that can treat your skin, your pets and your home? Look no further than this versatile healthy substance.
Feeding food grade diatomaceous earth daily helps eliminate human, plant, and animal worms and parasites
Diatomaceous Earth is one of the most effective ways to rid your dog of fleas, ticks & other parasites. Plus, try our 3 ingredient flea & tick recipe!
*PLEASE NOTE: We are not veterinarians and do not give veterinarian advice. We provide information based on personal experience, but expect anyone reading to conduct their own due diligence in research and consult with their veterinarian before using any products or natural treatments.
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